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Pre-Rosh Hashanah sales and deals

We have just finished our second week of school- two weeks of picking out chugim, getting back to a routine, figuring out what to make for lunches, and homework, homework, homework.  Throw into the mix an out-of-the-country spouse, and you can just imagine how I haven’t been able to post for a few weeks.

There is no time to spare, however: we need to start getting ready for the holidays.  Here are some of the latest sales and deals:

1. The annual book fair at Heichal Nokia in Tel Aviv is going on now.  They don’t advertise that they have English books (but they also don’t advertise that they don’t).  All books are 7 for 100 shekels but if you bring the coupon below you can get 8 books for 100 shekels.  The fair is open Sunday-Thursday from 10:00-22:00, Friday from 10:00-16:00 and Saturday night from after Shabbat until 23:00.  The address is Yigal Alon 51 in Tel Aviv- Gate #4 next to Aroma.  For more information go to their Facebook page.

2. Nu- Pharm is selling hundreds of products at the low price of buy one, get the second one for 1 shekel.  To see what products are on sale, click here.  Stock up on the products you need for the holidays while the prices are low.  Sale ends 30 September 2014.

3. The supermarkets are slowly pulling out their loss leaders.  Go to Israflyer or Webflyer to see each store’s sales for that week.  Here are some of the deals I noticed:

Shufersal Sheli–  Shufersal brand honey (with the Israeli Standards Institute’s seal of approval), three 1.5 liter bottles of Pepsi or three rectangular containers of Starkist tuna for 10 shekels.  Sale ends 29 Sept 2014.  Limit three of each sale items.

You– This store has prices that knock out the competition.  Hawaii shampoo/conditioner is only 5 shekels (YOU members only) and a 4-pack of Filtuna tuna (including tuna with canola oil) for only 17.90 shekels!  With a 100 shekel purchase, you can get whole fresh carp for 14.90 shekels/kg and Adom Adom fresh lamb shoulder for 59.90 shekels/kg.  They also accept Rav-Tav cards at 100%.  Sale ends 15 Sept 2014.

Yesh B’schunot– Also has a 10 shekel deal- Telma cornflakes, Emek Hefer honey (with the Israeli Standards Institute’s seal of approval), Yesh brand gefilte fish, three 1.5 liter bottles of Pepsi, 4 bags of Yesh pasta, three cans of mushrooms, or three cans of Yesh brand pickles all for 10 shekels.  Sale ends 24 Sept 2014.

Shufersal Deal/Online– Four 450-ml wine glasses or a 34.6 * 20.7 * 5.3 cm rectangular glass pan for 10 shekels.  I bought the pan and will get a few more for Pesach.  The Brita Marella with three filters is 99 shekels and the SodaStream Genesis Deluxe is only 199 shekels (moadon members only).  Thirteen fancy plastics disposable bowls and serving spoons for 29.90 shekels.  Sale ends 24 Sept 2014.

4.  If you are traveling in the near future, you must check out this deal on three spinning hard plastic suitcases- 50, 60, and 70 cm, TSA locks and in a choice of many colors for only 299.90 shekels at Harmonia Labayit.  I can’t vouch for their quality but at that price they are worth a spin.  To find a store near you go to their web site.


A new pizza comes to town- with real cheese!

You have read my past blogs about the proliferation of cheese substitutes in the supermarket and in the pizzeria.  Pillsbury has just put on the market their own version of frozen brick oven pizza but with…gasp…cheddar!…and mozzarella cheese!

Ynet did a taste test and found it to be superior to the others on the market.

Ah, but the price, you say- it must be much more expensive.

Right now it is selling at Shufersal for 21.90 shekels.  To compare, Maadanot is selling at Shufersal and Rami Levy for 24 shekels and Zoglobek mehadrin is selling at Yesh for 16.73 shekels.  All prices are valid as of this posting on Pricez.

Alas, I have not found any coupons for the pizza, but since the recommended price is 24.99-26.99, I recommend getting it at the Shufersal price while you can.

Yesh sales- expire 30 April 2012

Yesh sales

Check out the following KLP items: Wiliger tuna, Elite chocolate, large selection of wines, Pepsi, and Tapuchips.


Yesh sales (expires tomorrow)

Miraculous Yesh sales!

Yesh has so many good sales this week, I can’t list them all, so I will just copy the ad for you to see for yourself…

Yesh sales August 1-9

Here are the latest sales at Yesh supermarket.  You must spend at least 150 shekels on non-sale items to get these deals.  Limit of two items unless otherwise indicated.

Frozen Nesichat HaNilus- 14.99 shekels/kg, limit 4 kg

Frozen Packaged Sole Fillet- 14.99 shekels/kg, limit 4 kg

Frozen Classics French Fries- 2.2 kg – 14.99 shekels

Ariel Laundry Detergent- 6 kg – 39.99 shekels each when you purchase two

Tnuva/Tara/Strauss 1 liter milk in bags- 4 for 9.99 shekels

Yesh Brand Pasta- 500 grams – 6 for 9.99 shekels

Tnuva Gvina Lvana- 250 grams- 3 for 9.99 shekels

Taaman Sardines in Oil, different flavors- 125 grams – 3 for 9.99 shekels

Tzipor HaSharon Cheese/Potato Burecas- 800 grams- 9.99 shekels

Sanfrost Garden Peas- 800 grams- 9.99 shekels

Delidag Gefilte Fish- 650 grams- 9.99 shekels

Tivol Vegetarian Shnitzel and Hot Dogs- Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Shwepps Seltzer- 1.5 liters x 4 bottles- 2 packages for 16 shekels

Prigat Drinks- 1.5 liters- 5 for 20 shekels

RC Cola/Free- 1.5 liters x 6 bottles- 2 packages for 35 shekels

Zoglobek Natural Corn Shnitzel- 2.4 kg- 49.99 shekels

If you pay with a Yesh credit card and spend 100 shekels, you cn get 1 kg of Yesh brand flour for free.

Happy Shopping!

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