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Collateral damage from Tzuk Eitan: milk and produce?

If you have been in the supermarket recently, you might have seen a sign similar to this one:


Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a lack of produce in the store and the prices are relatively low, but how long will it last? What produce is likely to be the most affected by the war?

You might not realize when we hear that a rocket fell in a “Shetach Patuach” (open area), it means that the missile might have fallen in an agricultural area which has crops or livestock.  According to the Ministry of Agriculture, there have been a number of fields and greenhouses damaged from missiles along with 3 poultry houses and 2 dairy farms. Additionally, movement and encampment of Israeli troops around Gaza can also damage fields.  Add to the mix the abandonment of foreign workers subsequent to the death of a Thai agricultural worker and the urging of the Thai government to have Thai workers relocated out of danger and there is a serious risk to the ability of the South to provide produce to the supermarkets.  A representative of Kibbutz Alumim who was interviewed, however, said that July-August is not that damaging to the fields because it is “between seasons.”  There are peppers growing in greenhouses and there are peanuts to be picked in the fields near Ashkelon.  The army has built trenches in an area that was just recently their organic carrots field and it will take years to rework the land to be ready to plant again.  They aren’t complaining, however, especially considering that next year is a shmita year.  Other kibbutzim weren’t able to collect their carrots and they are still laying in the ground.  Kibbutz Saad wasn’t able to package their carrots so other kibbutzim helped them.

Not only produce is affected by the shelling.  Kibbutzim in the area report a decrease in their cows’ milk production because the cows are too stressed.  Some had to drop the number of milkings because the farmers are spending all of their time in their protected rooms.  One kibbutz lost 105 calves and has 120 wounded from rocket fire.  This will affect future generations of cattle in the dairy farm since these calves are used for replacements for the cows currently being milked.

There is one bright spot in this story.  The organization HaShomer HaHadash has assembled groups of volunteers to go south and help harvest, package, and do whatever else is needed for these farmers or their family members who received a tzav 8 or in place of Thai workers who have left.  [If you are interested in volunteering, email or call 08-6801314]

Farmers do receive compensation from the Ministry of Agriculture for their losses based on the value of their past earnings.  These numbers vary depending on how far away they are from the Gaza Strip- from 80% if they are up to 7 km away to 40% if they are 7-40 km away and 20% if they are over 40 km away.  Considering the long range and increased capability of the missiles used during this current campaign, farmers are complaining that the 40% should be raised to 80%.  They also petitioned the Ministry of Defense to provide protective shelters for workers in the field to allow them to continue working.  The request was passed to the Ministry of Agriculture, but after the death of the Thai worker the Knesset directed the Ministry of Defense to provide shelters.

When all that is said and done, what produce is expected to be more expensive as a result of Tzuk Eitan?

  • Fruit- not grown in the South.  Prices should stay the same.
  • Cucumbers- grown in the Center.  Prices should stay the same.
  • Potatoes and carrots- grown in the South.  Prices for now should stay low because inventory is being taken from refrigerated stock.
  • Tomatoes- grown in the South.  Prices went up in general because of the current heat wave.  There is a significant amount of tomatoes grown in the North so there shouldn’t be a lack of tomatoes on the shelves.
  • All produce next year- since the fields can’t be prepared for next year, expect a decrease in inventory and an increase in prices.
  • Milk- the price is controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture and there is enough milk production in other areas of the country to prevent a shortage.

Expect this information to change as the campaign continues and shmita approaches.

Source: Ynet 14/7/2014, Mekor Rishon 25/7/2014, Motzash 25/7/2014

Rami Levy goes all out for our chayalim

Rami Levy has two deals running now to support our chayalim:

(1) Soldiers who are participating in Operation Tzuk Eitan and have  Rami Levy’s cell phone service are invited to call when the operation is over and they will have their July bill erased!

(2) Rami Levy has teamed up with Yisrael HaYom to supply our chayalim with clothing and hygiene supplies.  You can purchase the products for a low price at Rami Levy and Yisrael HaYom will deliver them to the chayalim.  Participating stores are in Jerusalem, Givat Shaul, Mevaseret Zion, Modiin, Tzomet Shilat, Mishor Adumim, Beitar Illit, Tzomet Castina, Beersheva, Ashdod, Rosh HaAyin, Ramat Gan, Pardes Hana, Haifa, Zichron Yaakov, Nesher, Tiveria, Afula, Acco, Netanya and Nahariya.  For more information call 1-599-590-500.

Essential information for every citizen during Tzuk Eitan- 18 July 2014

(1) Know your region and preparation time-  If you aren’t sure, are visiting, or are not sure which region you belong to, go to the Pikud HaOref site in English and type in where you live.  For example, if you type in Yad Binyamin you get a preparation time of one minute and you are classified as “Ashdod 268”.  There will also be any special instructions for your area if needed.

(2)  Pikud HaOref has put out a booklet for kids to prepare themselves for sirens and other potential issues.  Unfortunately, it is only in Hebrew right now but it is still worthwhile for you to give it to your kids who can read Hebrew.  There is an Easy Reader booklet in English that tells you exactly what do when there is a red alert which is worthwhile for all of us to be prepared no matter where we might be (train, car, etc).

(3) Kupot Holim–  Important health information:

Clalit: Free telephone access to a psychologist who specializes in childhood fears from Schneider Hospital: 03-9244955.  24 hour internet access to information and advice regarding anxiety and fear or by telephone at *2700.  A list of the offices that have been closed with the alternative clinic to be used is listed here.  There is also a list of Clalit hospitals and their emergency phone numbers.

Leumit: Call *507, extension 0 for up to date information about clinic availability and tips for dealing with anxiety and fears.  A complete list of offices that have closed can be found here.  Leumit opened a hotline manned by psychiatrists and social workers to provide mental support and information about the availability of mental health services in the South.  Call 1-700-507-507  extension 0 between the hours of 7 am and 10:30 pm.  Leumit pharmacy is offering a discount on herbal anxiety treatments- for more information click here.

Maccabi: The 24 hour hotline for information and support is 1-700-50-53-53 or *3555.  They do not have list of offices that are closed but recommend you call your local office before coming. There is a list of clinics available to deal with your anxiety or fears during this time depending on your region.  Go to this page for the complete list. It doesn’t say if there is a charge or not.  That same page has a notification that the Beersheva pharmacy located at Migdal HaRakevet will close at 2 pm as well as the Simul pharmacy in Ashdod (Ashdod- Mondays and Thursdays only).

Meuchedet: 24 hour advice hotline at *3833.  Several offices are closed until further notice, including the Yad Binyamin office.  For the complete list including alternative offices click here.

(4) Tipat Chalav– information from Misrad haBriut:

According to the Home Front Command, due to the security situation – at this stage Tipat Halav – Mother and Infant Care Centers in the southern region within range of 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip that are not shielded will not work: 
  1. Be’er-Sheva – Station “Gimel” in 8 Wingate Street
  2. Be’er-Sheva – Station “Vav” in 7 Huberman street
  3. Be’er-Sheva – Aburabia station in Shloshet Bnei Ein Harod street
  4. Um Batin – Abocaf station
  5. Lakia – Lakia A station
  6. Rahat – Rahat A station in neighborhood 7
  7. Tifrach – Tifrach station
  8. Ashdod – Station “Alef” public reception in station “Hei”
  9. Ashdod – Station “Beit” public reception in station “Daled”
  10. Ashdod – Station “Gimel” public reception in station “Zain”
  11. Ashdod – Station “Vav” public reception in station “Het”

(5) Mental health support from Misrad HaBriut– there are mental health centers available for people who need.  Call 106 for their locations.  Here is a list of centers who deal with people who are suffering from anxiety and other mental trauma.  “Hosen” centers have been opened in the Aza area to help people get treated for anxiety and other mental health issues.  Misrad HaBriut and Bituach Leumi will allow up to 12 treatments at these centers without having to be classified as having a mental injury by Bituach Leumi.  The complete list of centers is here.  There is also a list here of government-supported mental health clinics that are available throughout the country.

(6) Kol Zchut (All Rights)– They have put together an extensive list of links for any issue that might arise during Tzuk Eitan- anything from property damage, miluim rights, employee issues and more.  Most of the links go to Hebrew sites but the Shira Pransky Project worked with kol zchut to create a smaller list of English links.  Bookmark it here.

(7) Orange customers– Orange has decided to increase the internet surfing package of all of their customers to 10G to allow them to freely use their cell phones in their mamads.  There is no extra charge for this service, which will be available until the end of July. You do not have to register for the deal.  For more information from Orange, click here.  Source


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