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Tivall coupons!

Shufersal Deal sale- July 12- August 1

Click here to see the sales at Shufersal Deal.  You must be a club member to take advantage of these sales.

El Gaucho products-2 for 30 shekels

Shufersal fish shnitzels- 2 for 38 shekels

Gad Italian cheeses- packaged: buy 2 get 1 free, delicatessen:  25% off

Tibon Veal shwarma- 2 for 44 shekels

Fresh mushrooms- get the second package for 50% off

Shufersal frozen kebab/hamburger- 2 for 30 shekels

Tibon Veal frozen chopped meat- 2 for 45 shekels

Shufersal vegetarian shnitzels- 2 for 35 shekels

Tivol vegetarian shnitzels- get the second package for 50% off

Shloshet HaOfim burecas and filo dough- 2 for 30 shekels

Shloshet HaOfim Cigars, Kube, Pastelles, Egg Rolls- buy 2 get 1 free

Shufersal frozen vegetables- buy 2 get 1 free

Mama Of shnitzels- 2 for 60 shekels

Mama Of shaped shnitzels- 2 for 49 shekels

Shufersal shnitzels- get the second package for 50% off

Ma’adanot jachnun- 2 for 32 shekels

Shufersal french fries- 19.99 shekels each when you buy two packages

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