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Chetzi Chinam titulim diappers coupon- expires 9 Aug 2013

‎שווה ביותר: לחברי הפייסבוק של חצי חינם, עד 9.8, קופון להדפסה של 2 חבילות טיטולים פרמיום ב 50. מימוש אחד ללקוח.‎

Titulim coupon for Lifestyle members- exp 28 Mar 2012

Superpharm coupons- expire 15 Feb 2012

Mega’s Chanukah sales- Week 3

Chanukah sales at Mega Ba’Ir and Mega Bul this week include:

  1. white potatoes, white and purple cabbage for 1.99/kg
  2. burekas for 1.99/100g
  3. 3kg of fresh chicken for 45 shekels
  4. Mollett toilet paper for 19.99
  5. Tide for 44.99
  6. Titulim for 29.99
  7. Similac for 68.99
  8. Pinuk shampoo for 7.99
Sales are for YOU members only.  Sign up now- it’s free!

Diaper sale extravanganza!

It all started with Mega, who began to import Huggies from Turkey and sell them for 36 shekels per package.   From there, the price wars began. (source)

Now every store has their own deal, and it would behoove you not to take advantage of these incredible prices.

Here is a summary of diaper prices throughout the country:


Huggies costs 38.80 shekels.  You can purchase up to two packages at this price.

Titulim costs 100 shekels for 3 packages.

Pampers costs 100 shekels for 2 packages.

Mega Bul

Huggies (imported) costs 36 shekels if you are a member of YOU.

Huggies and Pampers cost 100 shekels for 2 packages at Mega Bul and Mega BaIr for all customers.


Pampers costs 39.99 shekels with a purchase of a least 5 items.

Huggies costs 49.90 shekels.

A coupon was sent in the mail to club members to purchase a package of Huggies for 39.99 shekels and Titulim for 29.99 shekels.

Rami Levy

Huggies costs 35.90 for club members.

Pampers costs 38.90 for club members and 44.90 for the rest of the public.


Huggies costs 100 shekels for 3 packages; 54 shekels for 1 package.

Pampers costs 110 shekels for 2 packages for club members; 42 shekels a package for rest of the public.

Kimat Chinam

Pampers and Huggies cost 90 shekels for 2 packages for the general public.

Pampers costs 39 shekels for club members.

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