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This week’s supermarket sales

I don’t have any coupons to post, but I can tell you about some good deals this week:

Shufersal Sheli

Zoglobek frankfurter in bun for only 5 shekels.  These aren’t the healthiest, but they are a great item to have in the house for a quick kids’ meal.  The hamburger ones are even better (but not on sale).  Expires 2 Feb 2015.

Mega BaIr

This summer was the great hamburger deal, now it is spaghetti bolognese.  For 59.90 shekels, you get 1 kg of freshly ground Adom Adom beef, two 500-gram packages of Mega brand pasta and a 260 gram package of Mega brand tomato paste.  One sale per purchase.  Expires 31 Jan 2015.

Chetzi Chinam

Tide 8kg for 45.40 shekels

Gilette gel deodorant (70ml) for 12.40 shekels

Ahla hummus l’niguv (400 gram) for 4.90 shekels

Osem ptitim (500 gram) for 3.90 shekels

Nestea iced tea (1.5 litres) 3 for 10 shekels

Expires 30 Jan 2015

Yaynot Bitan

Angel sliced bread for 4.90 shekels (limit 2)

Tnuva 5% cottage cheese for 4.90 shekels (limit 2)

Milomor 1 litre canola oil for 4.90 shekels (limit 2)

Nestle 565 gram Multi Cheerios for 11.90 shekels (limit 1)

Tnuva Mama Of Shnitzel Dak Dak for 24.90 shekels (limit 1)

Ahla hummus (750 grams) for 6.90 shekels

Expires 7 Feb 2015

I didn’t see anything exciting in the YOU, Rami Levy or Bar Kol ads but if you see a good deal, pass it on!


Mega’s Chanukah sales- Week 3

Chanukah sales at Mega Ba’Ir and Mega Bul this week include:

  1. white potatoes, white and purple cabbage for 1.99/kg
  2. burekas for 1.99/100g
  3. 3kg of fresh chicken for 45 shekels
  4. Mollett toilet paper for 19.99
  5. Tide for 44.99
  6. Titulim for 29.99
  7. Similac for 68.99
  8. Pinuk shampoo for 7.99
Sales are for YOU members only.  Sign up now- it’s free!

Shufersal Sale 16-18.8.2011 for credit card holders only

For those of you who don’t get their mail on time (or need another reason to get a Shufersal credit card), here is a list of the sales coming up August 16-18.

These items are 25% off:

Nestle breakfast cereals

Knorr products

Pepsi/Pepsi Maxx/Mirinda/Seven Up/Diet

Osem Cakes

Elite Pesek Zman and Bafle’ot

Lahmi products

Elita Cafe Aroma, worldwide instant coffees

Wissotsky products

Maadanot pizzas

Nestle and Nestle Joyva ice cream

Of Tov frozen products

Yad Mordechai Olive Oil

Achla Salads

Neviot products

Nikol products

Sod/Persil/Somat products

Fairy/Tide/Ariel/Linor products

Wella/Pantene products

Elvive/Garnier products

Pampers/Tampax/Alldays/Allways products

Oral B/Parodentax/Sansodyne/Crest products

Gliss/Hawaii/Fa/Syoss products

These products are 70% off:

Cherokee summer 2011 collection

Pillows for sitting or futon

towels of different sizes

Pots and Frying Pans

There are also discounts on TVs, a laptop, Tami 4 Family Bar, A/C units, a washing machine, and a refrigerator.

At Yellow, they are selling cans of Coke/Diet Coke/Coke Zero for 2.99 shekels each.  Limit 3 cans.

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