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Home Economics: The Tadmor-Levy Family

Kfir (36) and Dafna (34).  Children: Tali (3.5) and Shahar (7 months).  The live in a four room (3BR) apartment in Tivon.  Kfir is an administrator in a company and Dafna is the office  manager of a conservatory in Kiryat Tivon.  They own a Hyundai Accent, 2000 model.

Chugim: none- the kids are too young.

Hobbies: Kfir is studying for a masters in English literature in Haifa University and Dafna translates books.

Last vacation: We don’t go on vacation because it isn’t our style.  If we had a ton of money, we would, but with two little kids it isn’t fun.  If we go out, it is to the forest in Tivon.

Budget:  We don’t have a television for ideological reasons, we shop at secondhand stores and don’t get haircuts outside of the house.  We are not in minus right now, but in the last few years the money issue has become more difficult- at one point we had a 45,000 shekels minus for 4 months.  We are in a different situation completely now because of Paamonim.  They taught me not only to decrease our expenses but also find ways to increase our income.  My new job that I found is because of Paamonim.

Monthly expenses (shekalim): apartment (3015), electricity/water (425), Communication/television (400), school/chugim (2100), car/gas (2000), insurance (250), medical (200), food/household (1700), culture/leisure (250), vacation (0)- divided into 12 months, miscellaneous (120)- pets, haircuts, fines, clothing, shoes,presents, loans (2200), savings (450).  TOTAL: 13,110 shekels

If you are interested in participating, send an email to

Source: Yisrael HaYom, 22/11/2013, Tzarchanut supplement p13.


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