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Food Sales/News Roundup 2 April 2014

Some interesting tidbits from Wednesday’s paper:

  • Starkist is now offering a six-pack of tuna at a special price.  Look for it in your local supermarket. (KLP- kitniot)
  • For those of you who prefer Concord grape juice, You supermarket has a 650 ml bottle of Kedem on sale for 9.90 shekels.  You can buy up to three bottles.  Expires 14 Apr 2014.  To find your local You store, go to their web site.
  • Tomorrow, April 4, from 8:30 am you can go into the Mega BaIr in Kfar Yonah, Raanana, Kiryat Ono and Tel Aviv, taste the  dessert that made it to the Masterchef finals and help choose the winner! For more information, go to their Facebook page.
  • Shufersal Deal has a great deal on their brand of tuna: a four-pack of tuna in oil for only 15 shekels.  Expires 4 Apr 2014.  Must spend 100 shekels to get the lower price.
  • The Shufersal Green organic market has a whole bunch of KLP gluten free products on sale: Gnocchi for 10 shekels, rice noodles, “Explore Asian” soy or bean noodles, or “Sam Mills Pasta d’oro” corn pasta all at 2 for 15 shekels.  They also have whole wheat organic matzah for 20 shekels a box.   Expires 21 April 2014.  Not all stores will have these sales- check before you go.
  • Co-op shop is offering up to 3 kg of carrots, eggplant, cucumber, onion, cabbage and romaine lettuce or up to 4 kg of potatoes for 0.90 shekels per kg.  Must spend at least 100 shekels in the store.  You can mix and match but can only purchase up to 3 heads of lettuce.  Expires 7 Apr 2014.
  • Misrad HaChinuch is showcasing the new summer camp menu:
    • a sandwich or roll made with whole grain bread,
    • a protein (tuna, yellow cheese, white cheese, or cottage cheese) with no more than 5% fat
    • a water bottle for each child
    • fruits and vegetables
  • Eden Teva Market has organic vegetables on sale for 5 shekels a piece/kg, depending on the item.  Price is for moadon members only.  Limited to 2 kg or 2 pieces per person per day.  Expires 4 Apr 2014.


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