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Coupons for Sukkot activities and more at Ligdol

The web site Ligdol has posted a large amount of coupons for all sorts of attractions for Sukkot and more, including Zikit, Kiftzuba, MadaPark, Ayelet HaShachar, The Olympic Experience and more.  The coupons I checked out expire 31 December 2014 so remember this site for Chanukah as well!

Recommended Sukkot Activity- Modiin International Circus Festival

From October 12-14 Modiin will once again host the International Circus Festival.  For three nights you can stroll through the parks and streets of Modiin and catch all sorts of free circus acts, magic tricks and all around entertainment while snacking on a myriad of foods for sale.  In addition, there are shows during the day for a fee which are also quite exciting.  There is ample parking on the outskirts of the city and shuttle buses running frequently in to and out of the performance area.

For more information, go to Modiinfo or the Modiinapp.

Discount tickets can be purchased from the following sites:

Isracard– 50 shekels per show.

Leumi card– Cabaret Circus Kibali tickets can be purchased for 56 shekels each.

Leumi card– Action Reaction Circus tickets for 54 shekels each.

Bravo– Action Reaction Circus tickets for 65 shekels each.

פסטיבל מודיעין הבינלאומי לקרקס בישראל

How did your sukkah hold up?

It was quite an eventful Sukkot- weather-wise, that is.

It’s been hot and cool, rainy and dry.  We lost a lot of decorations and if you use bamboo, it may have gotten moldy.

Now is the time to pick up sukkah essentials- you know exactly what you need and the prices are good.

If your sukkah was ruined and you need to purchase a new one, here are some tips from Yisrael HaYom for a long-lasting sukkah:

  • The frame and connections should be out of galvanized steel (“ברזל מגולוון ומחברי פלדה מגולוונים”).
  • It is preferable to get a modular sukkah in case you need to increase/decrease in size.
  • Walls should be made out of cotton or other breathable material- it is easily washable and foldable when Sukkot is over.
  • For a long-lasting schach, get one made out of raffia.
  • Make sure your sukkah has a warranty (at least 10 years).
  • Match the shape of the sukkah to the size and shape of your table (square/rectangle, etc).

Who’s got a sukkah?

If you are eating out this week, eLuna published a list of which restaurants will have sukkot.

Cafe Greg posted this list of branches with a sukkah:

Call to confirm and make reservations in the sukkah if necessary.

Anywhere else?  Let me know!


Pnei Kedem Kite festival coupon- 24 Sept 2013

The Pnei Kedem kite festival is quite an event.  Standing on the top of a mountain watchng the kites fly is an exhilarating experience.  There are lots of activites for the kids and there are some truly spectacular kites carried by very strong winds.  I highly recommend it!

To get a coupon for 20% off the admission price (25 shekels per person instead of 30), enter your name and email address on their Facebook page and a page will pop up with the coupon.

Deals on all of your Sukkot needs

After a long break with no sales, finally the stores are advertising again.  Here is a list of some of the Sukkot deals this week from today’ paper:

Shufersal Deal

  • Shufersal brand charcoal- 2kg for 10 shekels- best deal!
  • Portable mangal- 19.99 shekels- best deal!
  • Portable collapsible chairs- 39.99 shekels
  • Tibon Veal frozen hamburgers and kebabs- 9.99 shekels – best deal!
  • Zoglobek hot dogs- 10 shekels
  • El Gaucho aged entrecote steak- 69.99 shekels/kg
  • El Gaucho aged sinta steak- 59.99 shekels/kg
  • El Gaucho aged beef filet- 99.99 shekels/kg

Co-op Shop

  • Hanamal brand charcoal- 2kg for 15 shekels
  • Portable mangal- 39.99 shekels
  • Tirat Zvi kebab/hamburgers- 19.99 shekels
  • Tibon Veal kebab- 17.99 shekels
  • Tibon Veal shipudei pergiot- natural/spiced- 27.99 shekels
  • Argentinian aged entrecote steak- 89.99 shekels/kg
  • 6-pack of Coca Cola- 19.99 shekels with 100 shekel purchase, valid until 18 Sept 2013
  • El Gaucho frozen hamburgers/kebabs- 2 for 39.99 shekels


  • Yesh brand charcoal- 2- 2kg packages for 22 shekels
  • Kehilot brand frozen chicken kebab/hamburger- 9.99 shekels
  • Tak Toro brand frozen chicken kebab/hamburger- 9.99 shekels
  • Carton of Atara brand Basar X7- 29.99 shekels/kg (limit one per customer)
  • Atara aged sinta steak- 59.99 shekels/kg
  • Atara aged entrecote steak- 69.99 shekels/kg
  • Atara brand me’ubad rib filet- 34.99/kg
  • Kehilot brand frozen beef roll/ #3 meat- 44 shekels/kg

That’s all the sales in today’s paper- for a more complete list of sales, check out Web Flyer or Israflyer

Ornat Chocolate Factory Tour voucher- expires tomorrow!

Babetov is offering a deal on a chocolate tour at Ornat Chocolates in Kadima- 64 shekels for four people!  The tour also includes a short video and a chocolate workshop where you take home chocolate samples.

The voucher is good until 10 October 2013 but check before purchasing what dates are available- as of now for Sukkot there are two times open on 24 September.  Children 6 and over are welcome.

Kosher under the supervision of Rabbanut Kadima and Chatam Sofer Petach Tikva.

Free Schach from Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael (KKL-JNF) 16-17 Sept 2013

In order to prevent people from destroying trees, KKL will be distributing free schach for all.

Distribution Centers:

  • Yaar Elad- next to the Nachshonim cemetery in North Elad
  • Yaar Ben Shemen- Naar parking lot- enter from 443 at Mitzpe Modiin entrance, go straight and then right accoridng to the signs
  • Yaar Segev- Eucalyptus Forest

Distribution will take place from 9am-12pm.

We were there today and got some very nice schach- not palm fronds, though.

Source: Srugim

Shoresh/Keen/Source Clearance Sale 22-30 Sept 2013

Source is having their annual clearance sale starting next week.  You can get some great deals on shoes, Source products and accessories, and more.  We have been there and it pays to go early in the week- once it’s gone, it’s gone.


מכירת חיסול עודפים חוהמ"ס סוכות

Good Life Festival in Herzliya 22-24 Sept 2013

Super-pharm is sponsoring the Good Life Festival- a health and sport event with lots of attractions for kids and adults:

  • A 4, 8, or 12 km run at 6pm on 22 Sept. For more information click here (Hebrew).
  • Circus Y performance
  • Gymboree
  • Kite-building
  • Hip-hop and breakdancing
  • Surfing classes
  • Zumba, yoga, and other sport classes
  • Beach slide (costs 20 shekels)
  • Stands from sport equipment and athletic wear
  • and more!

There is no charge for admission.  The festival runs on September 22 from 6-10pm and September 23-24 from 10am-10pm.

For more information, go to Super-pharm’s web site.

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