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How did your sukkah hold up?

It was quite an eventful Sukkot- weather-wise, that is.

It’s been hot and cool, rainy and dry.  We lost a lot of decorations and if you use bamboo, it may have gotten moldy.

Now is the time to pick up sukkah essentials- you know exactly what you need and the prices are good.

If your sukkah was ruined and you need to purchase a new one, here are some tips from Yisrael HaYom for a long-lasting sukkah:

  • The frame and connections should be out of galvanized steel (“ברזל מגולוון ומחברי פלדה מגולוונים”).
  • It is preferable to get a modular sukkah in case you need to increase/decrease in size.
  • Walls should be made out of cotton or other breathable material- it is easily washable and foldable when Sukkot is over.
  • For a long-lasting schach, get one made out of raffia.
  • Make sure your sukkah has a warranty (at least 10 years).
  • Match the shape of the sukkah to the size and shape of your table (square/rectangle, etc).

Strauss deal- kids fun foods- expires 2 Oct 2012

Click here to get a 30% off coupon when you spend 30 shekels on kids fun foods such as Actimel, gamadim, shoko, chips, chocolate, etc.  This is a good time to stock up for sukkah hopping or the candy bags on Simchat Torah.


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