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6500 eggs smuggled into Israel from the PA caught and destroyed

Misrad Hachaklaut announced the capture and destruction of 6500 eggs that were smuggled into Israel under unsanitary conditions and without temperature control.  The eggs entered from the Nachal Iron area by a local resident and were to be sold in the North.

Since January 2013, there have been 151 incidents of egg smuggling and approximately 1.7 million have been captured and destroyed.

Eggs from the Palestinian Authority are forbidden to be sold in Israel because there is no veterinary supervision of the hens and their eggs, there is no possiblity to ensure sanitary conditions of packaging and marketing and a lack of temperature control.  Eggs have to be maintained below 20C according to Israeli law.

For more information about eggs and egg smuggling, check out this post.

When might you suspect that your eggs are illegally imported?

  • They are stored above 20C
  • They have no stamp, an illegible stamp, or the stamp is not printed accoring to the regulations (see previous post)
  • They are not sold in a reputable supermarket chain

Source: The Marker

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