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Free Starkist e-cookbook

סטארקיסט 99 קלוריות

Click here to get a free e-cookbook from Starkist (Israel).

Although it isn’t easy to get through a Hebrew cookbook, I really try because the recipes are more appropriate to Israeli ingredients and equipment.

If you have never been to their web site, it is worth a view.  There are some interesting facts, such as:

A few important facts about light tuna (Skipjack):

  • Tuna is very rich in protein (27%), is high in nutritional value like milk, chicken and beef, and also low in calories.
  • Tuna preserved in oil contains 10% fat, mostly vegetable, and also contains omega-3 oil, a healthy fat which reduces cholesterol and lessens the risk of heart attacks.
  • Tuna preserved in water has a specially low percentage of fat – 1%, and contains the same amount of omega- 3 healthy fat.
  • Light tuna is fished in the deep ocean (rather than near the shore) and contains exceptionally low levels of mercury, 10 times less than that allowed by the Israeli standard. The tuna is preserved without artificial preservatives using only natural materials.
  • The American FDA recommends eating at least 340 gr. light tuna a week, and also notes that eating tuna once a week or more is likely to reduce mortality from CHD (heart attacks).
  • The Company has worldwide exclusivity in producing products using Sea of Galilee sardines which contain more than twice as much calcium as regular sardines.

Did you know that the Starkist products sold here are produced in Israel??

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