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Another Skinny Cow coupon- expires 30 Sept 2012

Click here to print a 5 shekel off coupon for Skinny Cow vanilla-blueberry ice cream sandwiches.

Nestle ice cream coupons! Expires 31 Aug 2012

Go to Nestle’s facebook page, click on the type of ice cream you want, and print out your coupon.  You can print them multiple times and you can pick several types of ice cream to print.  The site allows you to copy the coupons, so I have also posted them here.

כשאתם שמחים, אנחנו שמחים!<br /><br />
איזה קופון תורידו ראשון?<br /><br />

Skinny Cow ice cream cone coupon

Click here to get the coupon.

Skinny cow ice cream coupon- expires 15 Aug 2012

Skinny Cow ice cream coupon- expires 31 May 2012

This ice cream is on sale at Shufersal this week.

Skinny Cow coupon- expires 30 April 2012

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