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New Superpharm coupons- expires 15 July 2014

There are lots of good deals at Superpharm this week- go to their web site to print them out.

and more!


Toys R Us – Similac deal- expires 9 Jan 2014

Buy two containers of Similac, register on the Abbott web site (click on the image to go to the web site) and get a coupon for 50% off many items in Toys R Us.  When you go to Toys R Us you must bring the Similac receipt and the coupon to get the deal.

Nu pharm Materna and Similac coupons- expires 18 Sept 2012

Free Similac sample

Fill in your contact information on their web site  and a sample will be mailed to you.

לוגו סימילאק- Similac logo

Chetzi Chinam Similac coupon- expires 20 July 2012

Mega’s Chanukah sales- Week 3

Chanukah sales at Mega Ba’Ir and Mega Bul this week include:

  1. white potatoes, white and purple cabbage for 1.99/kg
  2. burekas for 1.99/100g
  3. 3kg of fresh chicken for 45 shekels
  4. Mollett toilet paper for 19.99
  5. Tide for 44.99
  6. Titulim for 29.99
  7. Similac for 68.99
  8. Pinuk shampoo for 7.99
Sales are for YOU members only.  Sign up now- it’s free!

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