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Tara Moo no sugar added shoko coupon- expires 1 Oct 2015

Click on the picture to print the coupon.

קופון שוקו

Tnuva shoko coupon and 10 shekel books at Tzomet Sefarim- expires 30 Nov 2013

Use this coupon to buy Tnuva chocolate milk and there will be a coupon attached to purchase a book for 10 shekels at Tzomet Sefarim.  Be forewarned- this deal is usually good for specific books, not any book in the store.

Print your shoko coupon here

RECALL: Yotvata drinks

Yotvata has discovered a souring problem with certain 250 ml, 300 ml, and 350 ml bottles with expiration dates from Nov 9-17, 2013 that may lead to an abnormal texture or taste.  There is no danger in drinking these products and Yotvata is collecting these bottles from the shelves.

The affected products include:

שוקו 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290003029433)
מארז 6 בקבוקים שוקו 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290011438395)
אייס-קפה 350 מ”ל מהדרין ( 7290011438142)
בננה 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290003029389)
לאטה 250 מל’ (7290105362353)
פונץ’ בננה 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290105368959)
קפוצ’ינו 250 מ”ל (7290104729041)
שוקו 350 מ”ל מהדרין (7290011438128)
לאטה 250 zero מ”ל (7290105368942)
שוקו דיאט 250 מ”ל מהדרין (7290003029525)
מילקשייק שוקו עם סירופ בטעם שוקולד 300 מ”ל (7290011438470)
מילקשייק וניל עם סירופ בטעם שוקולד 300 מ”ל (7290011438487)


Chetzi Chinam Yotvata shoko coupon- expires 15 Oct 2013

1+1 Shoko from Ramat HaGolan Dairies- expires 30 Aug 2013

Go to Machlevet Ramat HaGolan’s Facebook page and you can print out a 1+1 coupon for chocolate milk.

The page asks to access your friend list and news feed, but you still can get the coupon if you say no.


Tnuva shoko coupon- expires 30 June 2013

Try the new shoko by Tnuva and get 30% off

Strauss deal- kids fun foods- expires 2 Oct 2012

Click here to get a 30% off coupon when you spend 30 shekels on kids fun foods such as Actimel, gamadim, shoko, chips, chocolate, etc.  This is a good time to stock up for sukkah hopping or the candy bags on Simchat Torah.


AM:PM coupons- expires 21 July 2012


Click here to print your coupons– these are only samples.

AM:PM coupons

Mega sales

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