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WARNING: Dangerous levels of methanol in vodka and arak

Bottles of “Vodka Kremlin” and “Nasich HaArak” that were confiscated by police were tested by Misrad HaBriut and was found to have 523 – 533 times the legal amount of methanol in them.  The arak is suspected to be a forgery because of various misspellings such as the word “ערק” which is spelled “ארק” and the word “ממולא” which is spelled “ממלוא”.

The permitted amount of methanol in vodka and arak according to Israeli Standard 1572 is 10 grams per 100 liters ethanol.

Drinking excessive amounts of methanol can lead to blindness and even death.  Methanol poisoning is expressed as dizziness, confusion, weakness, headaches, vomiting, stomachaches, and convulsions.

Misrad HaBriut is calling on the public not to drink these products because they are a danger to public health.

If needed, you can report to the moked at *5400 or the Department of Enforcement in Misrad HaBriut at 02-6551797, 02-6551772 or email


Source: Misrad HaBriut

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