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Pesach mission #3: Feed the dogs

If you are a pet owner, you have several choices for Pesach:

  1. Board them for a week
  2. Feed them table food
  3. Feed them KLP food.

Being in Israel, we have many more KLP options for our pets.  Here is a sampling:

  1. Evanger’s canned dog food- 9 shekels a can at 
  2. Bonzo dry dog food- 3kg for 49 shekels at
  3. Premier Club dog food- 3kg for 59 shekels at
  4. Hill’s Science Plan and Prescription Diet food- do not use the American list- Israeli Hill’s is imported from Europe and may have a different formulation.  The list of KLP products in Israel can be found here (updated for 2015)
  5. Le Cat dry cat food- a 9kg package divided into 3- 3kg packages- 139 shekels at
  6. Nutrafin Basix fish food (blood worms)- 39 shekels at

Other places to purchase KLP pet food:

  1. Kef L’chayot– Bonzo
  2. Ten L’Chayot– In previous years they repackaged large-sized Bonzo in week-long packages.  If you don’t mind an unlabeled product, this is a very cheap way to go.  20 kg of Bonzo costs 179 shekels and 3 kg costs 45 shekels.  They also sell Le Cat- 9kg for 29 shekels.

מזון חתולים נטול חמץאוכל לדגים כשר לפסח - Basix תולעים אדומותמזון לכלב כשר לפסח פרימייר קלאב / Premier Club

Do you have another pet food bargain?  Let me know!

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