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Strauss-Shufersal Deal- pastas and salads- expires 1 Oct 2013

In case you didn’t notice, this deal is now good at Shufersal Online.

Strauss pasta coupon- expires 31 July 2012

Eden Teva’s”Two Better Sale”

Mega has the 8 Days of Chanukah sale, so Eden Teva has to do two better- the ten shekel sale.

Until tomorrow, December 16, you can purchase the following items for 10 shekels:

  1. Two containers of cottage cheese
  2. One liter of organic milk
  3. One container of organic tehina
  4. Two packages of organic pasta
  5. One package of organic chicken soup mix
  6. One loaf of Aluma organic bread
  7. One bottle of Rimonim or Shemen Zayit Shampoo/Liquid Soap/Conditioner
  8. One container of ecologically-safe dish liquid or liquid to wash the floors
  9. Two cans of Star Kist 99 calories flavored tuna
  10. One package of Osem soup nuts.

Minimum purchase: 100 shekels of non-sale items

Limit 3 sale items per person.

Let’s hope next time they give us a little more notice…

Strauss’s Achla salads and pasta coupon

Strauss’s latest deal is for a variety of bagged vegetable salads and Achla salads as well as refrigerated pasta- spend 50 shekels worth of these products and get 20 shekels off.

Check here for a complete list of sale items and the coupon. 

Sale is good only at Shufersal Deal and Shufersal Sheli.  Offer expires 23 December 2011.

Mister Zol, Pashut Zol, and Etzel Maman 7 shekel sale July 31-August 6

Co-Op Group, which comprises of these three stores, is celebrating “70” with a 7 shekel sale.  You must purchase at least 70 shekels of non-sale items to qualify for this sale.

All of the items cost 7 shekels each unless otheriwse noted.

Yoplait Shtuzim Muktzaf (Whipped)- 320 grams

Yotvata Shoko- 1 liter

Osem Ketchup- 750 grams

Kochav HaBayit  French Fries- 800 grams

Koshav HaBayit Peas- 800 grams

Nishnushim- 300 grams

Tirat Tzvi Hot Dogs- 400 grams

Canola Oil (no brand listed)- 1 liter

Angel Rye/Dark/Seeded/Homestyle Bread

Kochav HaBayit Aluminum Foil 2 pack

Aqua Nova 6 pack- 2 liters each

Colgate Red/Gel- 100 grams

Persil Laundry Detergent- 1 kg

Hawaii Shampoo/Conditioner- 700 ml

Kochav HaBayit Liquid Soap- 1 liter

Kochav HaBayit Paper Towels 6 pack

Koshav HaBayit Pasta- 500 grams- 3 for 7 shekels

Tara/Strauss Bag of Milk- 2 for 7 shekels

Strauss 5% or 9% Cottage Cheese- 250 grams- 2 for 7 shekels

Kochav HaBayit Tuna in Canola Oil- 160 grams- 2 for 7 shekels

Canned Cut Mushrooms (no brand listed)- 4900 grams- 2 for 7 shekels

Yachin Tomato Paste- 100 grams- 7 for 7 shekels

Spring- 1.5 liters- 2 for 7 shekels

XL Energy Drink- 250 ml- 4 for 7 shekels

Jump- 1.5 liter- 2 for 7 shekels



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