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Pesach mission #8: Smell the flowers

Last Shabbat was Rosh Chodesh Nisan.  It is tradition to say a blessing now on the flowering fruit trees that smell so wonderful. Take a few minutes from your hectic schedule and go out to an orchard.  Recite the blessing below:

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה ה’ אֱ-לֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם שֶׁלֹּא חִסֵּר בְּעוֹלָמוֹ כְּלוּם וּבָרָא בוֹ בְּרִיּוֹת טוֹבוֹת וְאִילָנוֹת טוֹבוֹת לֵהָנוֹת בָּהֶם בְּנֵי אָדָם.

Translation: Blessed are You, L‑rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has made nothing lacking in His world, and created in it goodly creatures and goodly trees to give mankind pleasure. Source: It is so important not to forget to stop and breathe during this oh-so-crazy time. Why don’t you make it a picnic while you are there? image Ready for the next mission?  Go to Pesach mission #9: The children are not the Passover sacrifice!

Pesach mission #3: Feed the dogs

If you are a pet owner, you have several choices for Pesach:

  1. Board them for a week
  2. Feed them table food
  3. Feed them KLP food.

Being in Israel, we have many more KLP options for our pets.  Here is a sampling:

  1. Evanger’s canned dog food- 9 shekels a can at 
  2. Bonzo dry dog food- 3kg for 49 shekels at
  3. Premier Club dog food- 3kg for 59 shekels at
  4. Hill’s Science Plan and Prescription Diet food- do not use the American list- Israeli Hill’s is imported from Europe and may have a different formulation.  The list of KLP products in Israel can be found here (updated for 2015)
  5. Le Cat dry cat food- a 9kg package divided into 3- 3kg packages- 139 shekels at
  6. Nutrafin Basix fish food (blood worms)- 39 shekels at

Other places to purchase KLP pet food:

  1. Kef L’chayot– Bonzo
  2. Ten L’Chayot– In previous years they repackaged large-sized Bonzo in week-long packages.  If you don’t mind an unlabeled product, this is a very cheap way to go.  20 kg of Bonzo costs 179 shekels and 3 kg costs 45 shekels.  They also sell Le Cat- 9kg for 29 shekels.

מזון חתולים נטול חמץאוכל לדגים כשר לפסח - Basix תולעים אדומותמזון לכלב כשר לפסח פרימייר קלאב / Premier Club

Do you have another pet food bargain?  Let me know!

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Pesach Mission #6: Linen Closet

Since we have all of our cleaning supplies and we know how many guests we will be having, it is time to tackle the linen closet.

NOTE: This mission, as well as future missions, describe an in-depth cleaning and purging. This is more than a cleaning for chametz and should not be construed as necessary preparations for Pesach. Dust is not chametz! Clean according to your comfort level.

Look at your closet- is it overstuffed? Very messy and disorganized?

  • Take everything out and arrange the sheets into sets- sheets, pillowcase, and towel and fold them together. Create as many sets as you will need for the holidays.
  •  If your youngest child is 15, purge those Little Mermaid sheets!
  •  Turn any worn-out towels into rags.
  • We keep all of our coolers and camping equipment here- if you do as well, clean it out and get it ready for Pesach.

Hopefully you have a little extra space now- enjoy!

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