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Mega coupon- low lactose products- expires 31 May 2012

25% off all Tnuva dairy products at Mega Bool- ends tomorrow!

Rami Levy sales

Strauss’s weekly coupon- Yotvata products

מחלבת יטבתה מקבוצת שטראוס מתרעננת לקראת הקיץ ומרחיבה את קטגוריית משקאות החלב   משיקה לקראת הקיץ סדרת מילקשייקים הכוללת:

If you spend 30 shekels or more on Yotvata products at Shufersal Sheli and Shufersal Deal, you will get a 30% discount!

Click here to get the coupon emailed or sent by SMS.

Expires 2 Jan 2012.


Tnuva lowers prices

Right before the holidays, Tnuva announced that it would be permanently lowering prices on many of its dairy products by as much as 15%.

Arik Shor, the CEO of Tnuva stated, “Tnuva listens to the voice of the consumer- we decided to significantly lower the prices of tens of items.  We call on the supermarkets to adopt our recommendations and donate their part to lower prices.”

Some examples of the new lower prices:

A 200 gram package of sliced Emek cheese will now cost 14.58 shekels, reduced from 17.15 shekels.

A 250 gram package of gvina levana will now cost 6.33 shekels, reduced from 7.45 shekels.

Tnuva lowered the price of raw milk by 3.8 agorot per liter.  The price of raw milk  (milk that is sold by the farmers to the dairies) is set by the Ministry of Agriculture.

For a complete list of the new prices, go to Tnuva’s web site (Hebrew).


There IS a reason to cry over spilled milk

Yisrael Hayom is running a very cute and to-the-point pictorial comparing prices of various food items in the US, England, and Israel.

Today: A 2 liter plastic container of 3% milk

United States- 7.4 shekels

England- 8.8 shekels

Israel- 12.79 shekels 

חלב 2 ליטר

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Mister Zol, Pashut Zol, and Etzel Maman 7 shekel sale July 31-August 6

Co-Op Group, which comprises of these three stores, is celebrating “70” with a 7 shekel sale.  You must purchase at least 70 shekels of non-sale items to qualify for this sale.

All of the items cost 7 shekels each unless otheriwse noted.

Yoplait Shtuzim Muktzaf (Whipped)- 320 grams

Yotvata Shoko- 1 liter

Osem Ketchup- 750 grams

Kochav HaBayit  French Fries- 800 grams

Koshav HaBayit Peas- 800 grams

Nishnushim- 300 grams

Tirat Tzvi Hot Dogs- 400 grams

Canola Oil (no brand listed)- 1 liter

Angel Rye/Dark/Seeded/Homestyle Bread

Kochav HaBayit Aluminum Foil 2 pack

Aqua Nova 6 pack- 2 liters each

Colgate Red/Gel- 100 grams

Persil Laundry Detergent- 1 kg

Hawaii Shampoo/Conditioner- 700 ml

Kochav HaBayit Liquid Soap- 1 liter

Kochav HaBayit Paper Towels 6 pack

Koshav HaBayit Pasta- 500 grams- 3 for 7 shekels

Tara/Strauss Bag of Milk- 2 for 7 shekels

Strauss 5% or 9% Cottage Cheese- 250 grams- 2 for 7 shekels

Kochav HaBayit Tuna in Canola Oil- 160 grams- 2 for 7 shekels

Canned Cut Mushrooms (no brand listed)- 4900 grams- 2 for 7 shekels

Yachin Tomato Paste- 100 grams- 7 for 7 shekels

Spring- 1.5 liters- 2 for 7 shekels

XL Energy Drink- 250 ml- 4 for 7 shekels

Jump- 1.5 liter- 2 for 7 shekels



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