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New Misrad HaBriut website comparing different kupot holim

Misrad HaBriut has just launched a new web site called “Call HaBriut- Magia Li“, which compares services and privileges between the four kupot cholim and the sal briut mamlachti.  The site is currently only in Hebrew.  If you do not have access to the internet, you can call the moked at *5400 and have the information faxed to you as well. I would hope that one could call and ask for the information in English so that will save time trying to navigate the web site.  If you have an Android phone, you can go the “קול בריאות” web site and download an app called “Dial My App” which allows you to connect to Misrad HaBriut’s web site in many languages, including English.  I wasn’t able to find it through Google Play- if you do. let me know.

כל הבראות

Essential information for every citizen during Tzuk Eitan- 18 July 2014

(1) Know your region and preparation time-  If you aren’t sure, are visiting, or are not sure which region you belong to, go to the Pikud HaOref site in English and type in where you live.  For example, if you type in Yad Binyamin you get a preparation time of one minute and you are classified as “Ashdod 268”.  There will also be any special instructions for your area if needed.

(2)  Pikud HaOref has put out a booklet for kids to prepare themselves for sirens and other potential issues.  Unfortunately, it is only in Hebrew right now but it is still worthwhile for you to give it to your kids who can read Hebrew.  There is an Easy Reader booklet in English that tells you exactly what do when there is a red alert which is worthwhile for all of us to be prepared no matter where we might be (train, car, etc).

(3) Kupot Holim–  Important health information:

Clalit: Free telephone access to a psychologist who specializes in childhood fears from Schneider Hospital: 03-9244955.  24 hour internet access to information and advice regarding anxiety and fear or by telephone at *2700.  A list of the offices that have been closed with the alternative clinic to be used is listed here.  There is also a list of Clalit hospitals and their emergency phone numbers.

Leumit: Call *507, extension 0 for up to date information about clinic availability and tips for dealing with anxiety and fears.  A complete list of offices that have closed can be found here.  Leumit opened a hotline manned by psychiatrists and social workers to provide mental support and information about the availability of mental health services in the South.  Call 1-700-507-507  extension 0 between the hours of 7 am and 10:30 pm.  Leumit pharmacy is offering a discount on herbal anxiety treatments- for more information click here.

Maccabi: The 24 hour hotline for information and support is 1-700-50-53-53 or *3555.  They do not have list of offices that are closed but recommend you call your local office before coming. There is a list of clinics available to deal with your anxiety or fears during this time depending on your region.  Go to this page for the complete list. It doesn’t say if there is a charge or not.  That same page has a notification that the Beersheva pharmacy located at Migdal HaRakevet will close at 2 pm as well as the Simul pharmacy in Ashdod (Ashdod- Mondays and Thursdays only).

Meuchedet: 24 hour advice hotline at *3833.  Several offices are closed until further notice, including the Yad Binyamin office.  For the complete list including alternative offices click here.

(4) Tipat Chalav– information from Misrad haBriut:

According to the Home Front Command, due to the security situation – at this stage Tipat Halav – Mother and Infant Care Centers in the southern region within range of 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip that are not shielded will not work: 
  1. Be’er-Sheva – Station “Gimel” in 8 Wingate Street
  2. Be’er-Sheva – Station “Vav” in 7 Huberman street
  3. Be’er-Sheva – Aburabia station in Shloshet Bnei Ein Harod street
  4. Um Batin – Abocaf station
  5. Lakia – Lakia A station
  6. Rahat – Rahat A station in neighborhood 7
  7. Tifrach – Tifrach station
  8. Ashdod – Station “Alef” public reception in station “Hei”
  9. Ashdod – Station “Beit” public reception in station “Daled”
  10. Ashdod – Station “Gimel” public reception in station “Zain”
  11. Ashdod – Station “Vav” public reception in station “Het”

(5) Mental health support from Misrad HaBriut– there are mental health centers available for people who need.  Call 106 for their locations.  Here is a list of centers who deal with people who are suffering from anxiety and other mental trauma.  “Hosen” centers have been opened in the Aza area to help people get treated for anxiety and other mental health issues.  Misrad HaBriut and Bituach Leumi will allow up to 12 treatments at these centers without having to be classified as having a mental injury by Bituach Leumi.  The complete list of centers is here.  There is also a list here of government-supported mental health clinics that are available throughout the country.

(6) Kol Zchut (All Rights)– They have put together an extensive list of links for any issue that might arise during Tzuk Eitan- anything from property damage, miluim rights, employee issues and more.  Most of the links go to Hebrew sites but the Shira Pransky Project worked with kol zchut to create a smaller list of English links.  Bookmark it here.

(7) Orange customers– Orange has decided to increase the internet surfing package of all of their customers to 10G to allow them to freely use their cell phones in their mamads.  There is no extra charge for this service, which will be available until the end of July. You do not have to register for the deal.  For more information from Orange, click here.  Source


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