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Ben & Jerry’s for Pesach and Free Cone Day 14 April 2015

Did you know that you can buy KLP (Badatz), kiniyot- free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on Pesach?

The following flavors are KLP:

  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate with walnuts
  • Banana with walnuts
  • Dulce de leche
  • Haroset!

In addition, their factory store will be open 1-12 April 2015 with coloring and crafts for kids.

If you aren’t able to get over there during Pesach, don’t miss Free Cone Day on April 14!

Go to the Ben & Jerry’s website for more information.


Ben & Jerry’s super hot ice cream sale 4-17 Aug 2013

Ben & Jerry’s has a great way to beat the heat- go to one of their two factory stores (Yavneh and Beer Tuvia) and check out the thermometer outside.  Whatever the temperature is, that is your discount!

By the way, do you know that you can order a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cart for your event?  For more details, go to their web site.


Villi Food ice cream coupons- expire 30 July 2013

Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day- 9 April 2013

Free Cone Day is coming! April 9th, 2013

Cover Photo

Free cones are available from 4-8pm at the Yavneh and Beer Tuvia stores on 9 April 2013.


רחוב המיסב 1
טלפון: 08-9420586

Beer Tuvia Factory Store:

רחוב הקציר, א.ת. באר טוביה

טלפון: 073-2708720

Free ice cream coming to your town!

From 29 Aug- 13 Sept from 15:30-20:30, Elah Michzorit Glida will be coming to a town near you and giving out free ice cream and ice pops when you recycle 5 plastic 1.5 liter bottles.

Here is a list of the cities they will be coming to:

Tel Aviv, Herzilia, Bat Yam, Petach Tikva, Modiin, Jerusalem, Yavneh, Ashdod, Carmiel, Netanya, Gadera, Hadera, Hod HaSharon.

2 Sept- Petach Tikva

To get an update where and when the truck will be, check out their Facebook page.

Free Iceberg back-to-school ice cream 27 Aug 2012

Valid 12pm-8pm only.

Note: I have been told that their ice cream is kosher, but have not seen a teudah in their stores.

Nestle ice cream coupons! Expires 31 Aug 2012

Go to Nestle’s facebook page, click on the type of ice cream you want, and print out your coupon.  You can print them multiple times and you can pick several types of ice cream to print.  The site allows you to copy the coupons, so I have also posted them here.

כשאתם שמחים, אנחנו שמחים!<br /><br />
איזה קופון תורידו ראשון?<br /><br />

Skinny cow ice cream coupon- expires 15 Aug 2012

Skinny Cow ice cream coupon- expires 31 May 2012

This ice cream is on sale at Shufersal this week.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sale

Go to the following Ben & Jerry’s stores in costume on the dates listed and you will receive an extra scoop of ice cream on your purchase!

Yavneh- 6 March- 10 March

Beer Tuvia- 6 March- 9 March

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