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Free sample of new Huggies Little Babies diapers

In conjunction with the introduction of their new line of diapers, Little Babies, Huggies is offering a free sample to all who register on their Facebook page or their web site.   On the web site you can get a sample of any type of diapers.

These diapers seem to be equivalent to the Little Snugglers diapers in the US.

New coupons from Super-pharm- expire tomorrow 2 Oct 2013!

Click here to print out your coupons with barcodes.  Pictures are samples only.


Coupons for kids products from Huggies- expires 15 Oct 2013

Huggies coupons- expires 31 Mar 2013

Not good at Shufersal Deal and Nu-pharm.

Nu pharm Huggies and Pampers coupons- expires 18 Sept 2012

Free sample of Huggies Boys and Girls

Fill out your contact information on their Facebook page to get a free sample.

Superpharm coupons

No food this time, but there are coupons for Huggies, omega-3 capsules, Lily toilet paper, Nikol paper towels, and Clarins creme.

Click here to print your coupons.

Buy Huggies at Shufersal- get Winnie the Pooh beach chair for 19.99

Free Huggies samples

Fill in your contact information on the Huggies web site and you will get a sample sent to your house.


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