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Important: Buying eggs on Pesach

While perusing different forums I see that there is a lot of misinformation being promulgated about eggs on Pesach.  Here is what you need to know:

  1. The dye that is used to stamp eggs on Pesach is KLP.
  2. Eggs have to be stamped on Pesach in exactly the same manner as throughout the year.  Eggs without a stamp on them are ILLEGALLY PRODUCED OR IMPORTED EGGS and should not be purchased.  Report all unstamped eggs to the Ministry of Health at *5400.
  3. Make sure the eggs you purchase are from someone licensed to do so- last year the eggs pictured below were smuggled in from Hebron with “KLP” stamps:

    Source: Kol Chai

  4. Tnuva put out a statement regarding their KLP eggs.  The following is a condensed translation:

“For many years people have been strict in not purchasing eggs that have been stamped because of the suspicion that there may be chametz in the dye used to stamp the eggs.  Unscrupulous people take advantage of this stricture and sell unstamped eggs that have not been supervised by the authorities and may be a risk to public health in addition to being against the law.

Because of this, Tnuva with cooperation of the Badatz Eidah Charedit has spent considerable effort and money to procure a dye that has no suspicion of chametz in it.  All eggs produced by Tnuva at this time are using this dye and are stamped כ. פסח.  This year mashgichim from Badatz Eidah Charedit have supervised this process and these eggs are sold with a special permit that states that the dye used is without chametz.

An interesting point to note is that the chemical of concern in the dye is an alcohol, which evaporates immediately when the egg is stamped and is therefore not present when the eggs are consumed.”

For more general information about purchasing eggs in Israel such as storage temperature, washing of eggs and more, check out my previous post Aliyah tip #1- understanding eggs.

Teshuva, tefilla, u’tzedaka

I know I have been incommunicado for quite a while, but there was a very big event in my life which is now over, so I will be able to dedicate more time to blogging.  Actually I finished a week ago, but I couldn’t get the strength to start blogging about mundane things such as money and food when the nation is wringing its collective hands waiting for our three boys to come home.  But as they say, if we stop functioning in our land, they win.  So I will be blogging again starting today, but with a purpose.  On the Days of Awe, we say that “teshuva, tefilla, u’ tzedaka ma’avirin et hagzeira hara’ah”- repentance, prayer, and charity will turn away the evil decree.  So I propose a challenge: I will post as many deals as I can find.  You post how much money you save from this blog, and I will match that sum and donate it to tzedaka.  The deal will run for one week for now (hopefully they will be home by then).  If anyone is curious (or wants to join me), I will donate the sum to Chabad of Hebron, who is actively providing support to the influx of troops in the Hebron area.

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