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A little bit of nostalgia

Despite all the talk of innovation, monopolies, superstores and globalization, there are still small family businesses that have been around for many years and refuse to give up to the big supermarket chains.  Blogger Assi Haim records their struggle in his blog “HaMordim” (“The Revolutionaries”)

I am posting abridged translations of a couple of food-based stores but I highly recommend you look through all the pictures and stories on his blog- the pictures capture so much emotion.  And don’t forget to support these stores when you are in their neighborhood. (Note: check kashrut status before purchasing if relevant)

Chocolate Milk and a Roll

מכולת הרצליה

  • Makolet
  • Sokolov 74, Herzliya
  • Opened at the end of the 1950s
  • Owned by Reuma Bosani (78 years old in 2013)
  • “Although many people don’t come in anymore, those that do buy here know that you save more when you shop in a small makolet.  You come in and buy only what you need instead of what the supermarkets are trying to get you to buy…I give thanks for what I have and that I still have a business.”

The Best Smell in the World


  • Cafe Haifa
  • Hawadi 19, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa
  • Opened 1982
  • Owned by Mustafa Abu El Ardat (54 years old in 2012)
  • “Coffee is an entire world and for more than 30 years I am still learning about it.  Every day.  That is one of the reasons that I love this.  Except for the smell that I can’t live without, of course.”


An endangered species on the side of the road

  • Tesler Restaurant
  • Tzomet Karkur
  • Opened 1960
  • Owned by Yaakov Tesler (57 years old in 2011)
  • This restaurant sits in a small spot overwhelmed by Kvish 6 and a large intersection which makes it difficult to get to.

The secret of Marzipan from Florentine

  • Kondituria Albert
  • Matalon 36, Tel Aviv
  • Opened in 1935; in the present building since 1961
  • Owned by Yehuda Yaakov (78 years old in 2011)
  • The secret recipes were brought from Greece by Yehuda’s father Albert and he hasn’t changed them yet.  “Anyway, I don’t have much more time before I retire and I don’t have a desire to make the effort.”

Changes in eating habits

  • Makolet
  • One of the stands in Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem
  • Opened in 1936
  • Owned by Mordechai ben Yosef Cohen and Sarah Cohen (78 and 75 years old in 2011)
  • In the old days, Mordechai supplied blocks of ice, kerosene, needles and baking soda to clean out the heaters.  There were many hard times, but the hardest of all was not being able to satisfy the hunger of his customers during the siege of the Old City.  Today his shelves are full but his customers now prefer to shop in the supermarket and Mordechai and Sarah begin to realize that they too are part of a forgotten world.

The Turkish delicatessen in the Netanya shuk

  • The Yochai Turkish Delicatessen
  • Weitzman 8, Netanya
  • Opened in 1950
  • Owned by Yitzchak and Eida Yochai (76 and 67 years old in 2011)
  • “I love my work and my place- otherwise I wouldn’t stay for 40 years.  Everything on the street has turned over many years ago- only we are still here.  I open the store every day and from that I get strength.  As long as I am able to work- I will carry on.”

Go to “HaMordim” for more pictures and stories.

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