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Pa’amonim and Rami Levy get you back on budget

This Shabbat Makor Rishon profiled a family who is trying to learn how to save money.  They received help from Pa’amonim, a very worthy organization which, instead of just giving the family money, helps them manage their money and get out of debt.

Some of the tips they learned:

  • Always compare your income and expenses and decide what is necessary and what is extra.
  • Don’t blame the high prices on your debt.  Take responsibility and find solutions.  Complaining doesn’t put money in your pocket.
  • Change the way you shop in the supermarket.  The husband started shopping instead of the wife and children.  He went to the store with a specific list and a budget instead of buying whatever looked interesting.  Don’t look only at eye level- good deals can be found above and below.  You don’t always have to buy the most popular brand.
  • Change the way you look at tlushim (tavei kniyah).  Don’t use them on frivolous items- use them for groceries and other necessary expenses.
  • Involve the children in budgeting.  Teach them the word “no.”  They will catch on quickly and learn to prioritize their own needs.
  • Compare prices at your local supermarkets.  This Givat Shaul family switched from Osher Od to Rami Levy and save 30% off their weekly shopping bill.  Here is the comparison:



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