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Victory supermarket- who knew they had such great deals?

As I said in my Rosh Hashanah Price Wars post, every food-related business will be soliciting now to get a slice of the Rosh Hashanah pie.

Today I found an ad for Victory supermarkets and found some really great deals for club members.  Some of them include:

Efrat tirosh grape juice, 1 liter- 9.99

Number 3 eggs, 18 pack- 9.99

Filet Medumeh (Number 6) glatt frozen beef- 29.99/kg

Neto 1/4 sheep, glatt, frozen- 29.99/kg (with a 299 shekel purchase)

Frozen tilapia filet- 29.99/kg

Frozen chicken quarters-9.99/kg

Gefilte fish jar, 6 pieces- 9.99

Sale ends 24/9/2011.  Quantities are limited.  Minimum purchase 50 shekels.  Club membership costs 19.99/year.  Check out the rest of the sale items here.

Victory supermarkets are in the following cities: Gan Yavne, Sderot, Kiryat Gat, Kiryat Malachi, Rosh HaAyin, Lod, Kfar Saba, Ganei Tikva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ramle, Tel Aviv and Oranit. 

If you live in these areas, this sale is definitely worth the effort.

Rami Levy’s “We Guarantee to be the Cheapest” Sale

Here is a list of what’s on sale at Rami Levy this month.  Check out my other pages here and here for other Rami Levy sales this month.

Etz Hazayit canola oil, 1 liter-9.90 (code 2692393)

Osem real chicken soup mix, 400 grams- 9.89 (code 70308)

Telma cornflakes vanilla/almond and honey, 450/500 grams- 2 for 29.79 (code 182522)

Pantene shampoo/conditioner, 700/750 ml- 18.99 (code 5013985901481)

Zeta katit olive oil, 750 ml- 27.49 (code 50139985901481)

Elite Turkish coffee in vacuum, 200 grams- 2 for 19.89 (code 177694)

Sugat Indian Basmati rice, 1 kg- 8.89 (code 3643004)

Jump drink, 1.5 liter- 5 for 19.90 (code 136721)

HaDag HaMeyuchad (470 grams) or Deli Dag (520 grams) gefilte fish jars- 9.49 (code 2830207)

Lily double roll toilet paper, 16 rolls- 29.89 (code 187989)

Prigat juice drink, 1.5 liter- 4 for 19.49 (code 8909150)

Sod laundry softener, 4+1 liter, 19.90 (code 72901009260799)

Hawaii shampoo/conditioner/washing gel, 700/750 grams- 2 for 19.89 (code 143880)

Colgate red toothpaste, 100 ml- 9.79 (code 2730076)

Sano jewel cleaning spray, 1 liter- 9.89 (code 289068)

Elite honey cake, 300/400 grams- 9.99 (code 72990100851851)

Clear dandruff shampoo, 400 ml- 9.89 (code 160858)

Dove body wash, 750 ml- 14.99 (code 8717363044812)

Sano jewel bleach, 2 liter- 3 for 19.89 (code 288079)

Clean bleach, 4 liter- 9.89 (code 341224)

The codes are virtually impossible to read- you can try here.   Sale ends 3.10.2011.  Local stores reserve the right to limit quantities.

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