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Environment-friendly cleaning products sale at Eden Teva Market online

Go to their web page for the complete listing, but here is a sample of the products on sale:

Sale is not valid in stores- only online.



Mega bag of vegetables for only 5 shekels!

YOU members: Take an environment-friendly colorful bag at Mega BaIr (only), fill it with fresh vegetables and pay only 5 shekels for the entire bag!

Limit one bag per purchase.  Must spend at least 150 shekels on other items.  I cannot read the expiration date- if you can, please post it.


I just came back from Mega. The bag is smaller than it looks, but I was able to put in 6 leeks, 4 peppers, 3 large beets, 10 zucchini, and 6 plum tomatoes.  The store I was in only allowed non-packaged vegetables and vegetables that are priced by the kilo.  They also disallowed avocadoes and bananas.  Oh, and the bag is plastic, not cloth.

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