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Senior Citizens enjoy “Tuesday in Suspenders”

A new, unfortunately ill-timed campaign has just started for senior citizens entitled “Shlishi b’Shlaykes”- Tuesday in Suspenders.  Yes it is a terrible name as well, but it has some pretty good deals for senior citizens on Tuesdays.  You have to present your teudat ezrach vatik- senior citizen card to get the deal.  Some of the deals include:

(1) movie tickets for 10 shekels (participating theaters only)

(2) free ice cream for your grandchild at Aroma when you purchase a coffee or iced coffee (expires 30 July 2014)

(3) 50% off one item at Laline (expires 30 July 2014)

(4) 40% off at FOX home (expires 30 July 2014)

(5) 50 shekels off when you spend 150 shekels in Toys R’ Us (1 time per customer)

(6) large discounts on museum entrance fees.

and more!  Check out all the latest deals on their web site or Facebook page.

What the rest of us do when the missiles are flying

If you live in one of those areas which Pikud HaOref classifies as “normal” but still have red alerts, you are caught between staying home and going stir crazy or attempting to salvage the summer vacation somehow…somewhere…without blowing the entire budget for a tzimmer in the Galil.  Here are some ideas for indoor activities for you and/or the kids.  Confirm each facility’s availability, make sure you know where the merchav mugan is and read any additional instructions when you get there.  For example, the “Kesem BaSafari” night safari web site notifies the public that the site is open but that (1) there is NO murchav mugan and (2) it is absolutely forbidden to leave your car in the African area! (unless you want to be eaten by lions)  They do allow you to exchange your tickets for another date.

(1) Ikea sale– Going on now until 20 July 2014.  With three stores in Netanya, Rishon L’zion, and Kiryat Ata, you can stay in the mercaz or go North.  You don’t need to go to buy something, although I am sure you can find an essential knickknack or two.  You can let the kids run in the building, go to the ball pit, or participate in the activities scheduled for kids.  Pick up a cheap and tasty meal and your day is complete.

(2) Tnuva visitor center in Alon Tavor– The famous visitor center has opened its door for no cost to residents from Gush Dan and further south!  Must show proof of residence.  Order your free tickets on their Facebook page.  Children 5 years old and older are welcome.  For more information about the visitor center go to Tnuva’s web site.

(3) Restaurants– Restaurants know that if they want to attract the parents over the summer, they have to attract the kids as well.  Max Brenner has traditional kids meals such as shnitzel as well as with pasta with chocolate sauce (!), magic powder and jungle bananas, all served with crayons and a coloring box about Max the Chocolate King.  Cafe Greg has both a meat and vegan menu for kids and also gives out a placemat to color on with crayons.  Placemats and crayons are also available at Mandarin, Fresh Kitchen, and Cafe Landwer.  The Cafe Greg restaurants in the Givatayim Mall, (kosher lemehadrin), Haifa Mall, Orot Mall in Or Akiva and Mercaz Big in Karmiel (all not kosher) have a large area built especially for kids to run around in and play while the parents enjoy their meal.


BBB- Burgus Burger Bar (not kosher) has a special kids meal as well as lots of games and activities on the electronic system at each table.

Source: Yisrael HaYom

Restaurants can be very expensive, however, so look for discount coupons in places like Leumi Card, Visa CAL, GROUPON, and eLuna.  For example, right now there is a 10% off coupon for Fresh Kitchen Jerusalem on eLuna and you can get a free Cafe Greg ice cafe for 195 point from American Express Rewards.  Deals come and go fast so it pays to look frequently.

(4) Cinema City– If you are already eating, you might as well see a movie as well.  If you spend 49 shekels on a meal Friday, you get a free movie ticket (participating movies only).  There are other free live shows to check out.  Call 1-700-70-22-55 for more information and check out my previous post for deep discounts on Cinema City movie tickets.

(5) Museums– air conditioning, educational and inside- what more could you want? OK, less crowds.  Some museum deals include:  Lifestyle members can purchase combo tickets to the Museum Eretz Yisrael in Tel Aviv for 39 shekels (child) or 49 shekels (adult).  The ticket includes entrance to the museum, the kite show and the planetarium!  Valid only 24 July 2014.  On 26 Aug 2014, Lifestyle members can go to the kite festival and “Song of the Bamboo” at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem for 42 shekels (adult)- kids are free!  To order tickets, click here.  With the “Kids Love Israel” card, you can get discounts on the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem and MadaTech in Haifa.  Kinderland has a coupon for the new science museum in Beersheva.  For the most comprehensive English list of every museum in Israel, click here.

(6) Bowling– Since it is generally on the ground floor and deep within a building, a bowling alley can serve as a merchav mugan if needed.  If you have a Leumi card, you can get 1+1 bowling tickets from their web site.  Bowling Chutzot HaMifratz in Haifa has coupons on their web site.

(7) Factory tours– Michal Negrin factory- a treat for all fashionistas.  You can get a  1+1 coupon on Kinderland.  For more information, go to the Michal Negrin web site.  The Coca Cola “center for the senses”  is only  20 shekels and you can arrange a tour in English.  For more information go to their web site.  The Bamba visitor center is considered to be one of Israel’s best- and free!  To make an appointment, go to their web site.

(8) Animix– The annual animation festival, trade show and workshops will be held in Tel Aviv 6-9 August 2014.  Isracard members get 1+1 tickets on their web site.  For more information about the festival, click here or go to the Cinemateque web site.

(9) Gymboree/arcade– You can find some coupons for arcades on the Kinderland web site.  On the Ligdol web site you can find coupons for gymborees (here and here for example)

(10) Bank of Israel– One of Israel’s best kept secrets, the Bank of Israel offers a free tour of their center where you learn the basics of economics, see a display of ancient Israeli coins, and play computer games where the economic fate of the world is in your hands! You get a free bag of shredded money as a gift.  Tours can be arranged in English.  To make an appointment, go to their web site.  The tour is appropriate for children ages 8 and older but the games are more appropriate for middle and high school children.

I hope this brief list has got your creative juices flowing.  If you are looking to go somewhere specific and need a coupon, let me know I will do my best to find one for you!


Discounts/freebies for residents of the South and Miluim families- Part 2

Click here for Part 1.

Must show proof of residence for all deals.  Some of them say “UNTESTED”- that means I saw it advertised on another site but do not have proof of the deal- confirm before going.

(13) Not to be outdone by Mega, Shufersal is also offering free delivery with a purchase of only 100 shekels (Mega is 180 shekels).  Valid until 17 July 2014 in the following areas: Sderot, Ofakim, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheva, Yavneh, Kiryat Malachi and Kiryat Gat.  For more information, click here.

Displaying photo.JPG


(14) Misrad HaBitachon would like to remind miluimnikim that they offer a free 24-hour service for them and their families: handyman help in their house, emergency and medical services.  For more information, click here (Moadon BeHatzadaa).


(15) UNTESTED- Tzimmerland is offering up to 50% off to stay in a tzimmer in the North.  For more information call 054-7128036.

(16) The Sachne is inviting residents of Otef Aza only to enjoy the water for free.  For more information, go to their Facebook page.

(17) UNTESTED- Nir David is offering 50% off their guest rooms for residents of the South.  For more information call 04-6488525.

(18) Chamei Gaash is offering 50% off the entrance fee and free use of the facilities for residents of the South.  They also have a hotel package available.  For more information, call 09-9529404 or go to their Facebook page.

(19) Gulliver Hotels is offering up to 30% off the hotels for residents of the South.  Club Hotel Eilat is 20% off.  For more information, go to their web site.

(20) Bank HaPoalim is offering residents of the South the ability to postpone mortgage payments and get loans as needed for current customers.

(21) Decka Event Hall in Tel Aviv invites celebrants from the South to use their hall for a nominal fee.  The event hall holds up to 500 people.  For more information contact Yifaat at 03-6449989.

(22) Chasdei Naomi has six event halls in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak that they are offering for free to residents of the South who are unable to have their wedding because of Pikud HaOref restrictions.  They will also help arrange housing, subsidized food for the event, and contacting the invitees.  For more information go to their web site.

(23) Bezeq is offering their customers throughout the country free “Follow me” service to cell phones and land lines. They are also offering business customers 300 free SMSs through Bsms.  For more information go to their web site.

(24) Globus Max has opened two theaters in the “Sea Mool” mall that are in protected areas.  They will be constantly running kids movies all day.  Each ticket is 25 shekels if purchased online (no service charge).  For more information go to their web site.

(25) YES customers in the South will be able to enjoy all YES’s children’s and premium channels for no extra charge.

(26) HOT customers throughout the country will be able to watch several additional channels for free.

There are many more- hopefully I won’t need to post a Part 3.

Source- Ynet


Discounts/freebies for Southern residents (and some coupons for the rest of us)- Part 1

Although Hamas is sending missiles all over the country, most of us have a luxurious 90 seconds to reach a safe area- our fellow “Southerners” have only 15 seconds and are the recipients of many more missiles than the rest of the country.

Here are some discounts and freebies for residents of the South.  Must present ID proving residence.  I tried to mark the largest cities with an Anglo presence in red.  If I did not mark your place of residence, I apologize and let me know for next time.

(1) Misgav Country Club:

The Misgav Country Club also requires that you come with a current member.

(2) Fattal hotel chain is offering a 25% discount for a large number of hotels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat, and more.  For a complete list and to reserve a room, click here.  In the hotels there are lots of attractions going on for adults and kids to help relax.  Residents of the following yishuvim are eligible for the discount:

רשימת הישובים:
רחובות, אשקלון, גן יבנה, שדרות , אבשלום, אשדוד, אוהד, אופקים, ,אור הנר, איבים, ארז, בארי, באר שבע, ברור חיל, גבים, גברעם, דורות, דקל, זיקים, זוהר, זמרת, חוות שקמים, חולית, יבול, יד מרדכי, יכיני, ישע, יתד, כיסופים, כפר מימון, כפר עזה, כרמיה, כרם שלום, מבטחים, מבקיעים, מגן, מפלסים, נחל עוז, ניר יצחק, ניר עוז, ניר עם, נירים, נתיב העשרה, נתיבות, סופה, סעד, עין הבשור, עין השלושה, עלומים, עמיעוז, פרי גן, צוחר, רעים, שדה דוד, שדה ניצן, שדרות, שדי אברהם, שובה, שוקדה, שלומית, תושיה, תלמים, תלמי אליהו, תלמי יוסף, תקומה

(3) About to give birth?  Husband called up? Doulas for the Darom will provide a volunteer doula to help you have a calm and peaceful birth for free.  You can contact them through their Facebook page– I don’t see a phone number anywhere.

(4) If you are trying to deal with anxiety, fear and other stresses, Beit Izzy Shapira has created a free hotline staffed by social workers and psychologists to give you tools to deal with this stressful time.  The hotline is open from 8:00 until 24:00 (midnight).  Call 077-8994333.

(5) From now until 15 July 2014, The Israeli Parks Authority is offering free admission to all national sites and their activities to residents of Otef Aza.  They are also offering 50% off the fee for night camping.  To see a list of eligible yishuvim and for more information, click here.

(6) In light of the current situation the children’s television station Hop! will be broadcasting 24 hours a day. In addition, they have opened their members site to everyone (not only residents of the South).  On the web site are lots of videos, activities, games, and more- including those to help children understand the current situation in a manner appropriate for them.  Click here to go to the Hop member site and here for the main Hop! site.

(7) Residents of Sderot, Netivot, Moetza Azorit Eshkol and Shaar HaNegev can go to the Weizmann Institute of Science famous Science Park for free.  For more information call  08-934-4401 or go to their web site. 

(8) Sde HaHalomot indoor playground in Givatayim is opening its doors to residents of the South with free entrance.  The playground is appropriate for children from 6 months old until 7 years old and has a merchav mugan.  For more information call 03-7164445 or go to their Facebook page.

(9) Tamares Hotels, Resorts and Spas are offering a 20% discount for residents of the South to stay in any one of their facilities. For more information, call *5411 or go to their web site.

(10) Hadassah Baby Hotel in Ein Kerem invites residents of the South to have their baby in a pastoral setting at an attractive price- 650 shekels instead of 1195 shekels a night. For more information, go to their web site.

(11) Lavido Israel is offering two deals for residents of the South- free delivery on any order from their web site and free entrance to their visitors centers in either Nahalal or Zichron Yaakov. You will be treated to coffee/tea/cake, a perfume workshop (good for kids as well), and learn about different calming oils.  For the rest of the country, here is a coupon valid until 31 July 2014.

(12) Mega BaInternet is offering free delivery for residents of the South with a purchase of 180 shekels or more.

Eligible yishuvim:

באר שבע, עומר, להבים, מיתר, קיבוץ כרמים, חצרים, בסיס רמון, מחנה טלי,  אשדוד, ביצרון, בית עזרא, בני דרום, גן הדרום, גן יבנה, ניצנים, ניר גלים, עזר, אחווה, עזריקם, שתולים, אשקלון,בית השקמה, גבין, עודם, ארז, בת הדר, גבים, גברעם, גיאה, דורות, זיקים, יד מרדכי, יכיני, כרמיה, מבקיעים, מפלסים, ניר עם, נתיב העשרה, נתיבות, שדרות, תלמי יפה, אור הנר, ברור חיל, זוהר, חלץ, כוכב מיכאל, משען, נגבה, נהורה, נוגה, ניר ח”ן, קרית גת, שדה דוד, שדה יואב, שחר, בית שקמה, ברכיה, הודיה, כפר סילבר, משואות יצחק, ניצן, ניר ישראל וקרית מלאכי.

For the rest of the country, use coupon code 90714 until 25 July 2014 and save 50% off of the delivery cost.

FoodFest specials 29 Dec 2013- 4 Jan 2014

Sorry I didn’t come across this earlier, but right now you can get great deals on restaurant fare- either sit-down or takeaway.  Go to the Mako web site, pick sit-down or takeaway, your area, and you find a whole lot of kosher, mehadrin, and non-kosher restaurants to choose from.  Be aware- I saw one restaurant listed as “not kosher” but on the advertisement it said it was kosher.  Confirm before you purchase.

שבוע האוכל של ישראל


Vacation like an Israeli this summer and never pay full price!

Yes, we all know the Jewish stereotype that we never pay full price.

However, as olim, we frequently miss out on where to find the deals to get the same discounts as “the natives”.

Here is a list of some places to get discounts on attractions for your summer vacation. Please add on any additional deals you find so we can all vacation frugally!

  1. Kinderland– lots of coupons for kid-friendly attractions all over the country.
  2. Love love Israel– Pay 99 shekels for a card which gives you significant discounts on the biggest attractions in Israel.
  3. Leumi card– purchase items on your card and collect points.  For every 1500 shekels, you collect 1 point, up to 4 points per month.  You can use those points to buy 1+1 deals on all sort of attractions and shows.  You can also get discounts on many other things, including Otiot magazine, which I just found.  You can also get instant discounts at various stores instantly when you purchase items with the Leumi card.  Both Shufersal and Yesh are Leumi cards, so if you shop there, it is definitely worthwhile to get their card. There is an iPhone app which shows you what discounts are near you.
  4. Visa CAL– also has similar discounts and deals like the Leumi card, depending on which type of card you have- Mastercard, Visa, or Diners.  Right now you can purchase 1+1 tickets for the Sand Castle exhibit ( plus a 15 shekel service fee).
  5. Isracard– has a few deals- not worth getting  card for them.
  6. Friends- do you have a friend who is a government worker, police officer, or in the military?  They belong to moadonim which give huge discounts on attractions. If they haven’t used their quota, you could ask them to purchase tickets for you.
  7. Attraction web sites- go to the attraction’s web site and look for a coupon- they frequently have one.  It usually isn’t as good as one you can find elsewhere, but it is better than nothing.
  8. Coupon Nofesh– more printable coupons for attractions- many outdoor ones- as well as places to stay.

That is it for now.  Don’t forget there are lots of free things to do as well- KKL and Reshut Hateva parks and the beach as well as local events in each city- check the municipal web site for more information. (Jerusalem, Modiin, Raanana, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva)

Update 10 July– Namal Tel Aviv has free jazz concerts, movies, and circus performances this summer.  Check out the schedule here.

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