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New Shufersal brand diapers- boon or bust?

In an effort to increase sales after their 156 million shekel loss last quarter as well as the lowering/cancellation of import taxes on many food products, Shufersal has been increasing the number of generic products that they sell.  Diapers are the newest addition to the lineup.  As you can see below, the price can’t be beat- especially compared to premium brands Huggies and Pampers.  As every parent knows, however, sometimes diapers can be too cheap- there are few things worse than a diaper that can’t hold in what it is meant to hold in.


Readers let us know- are these diapers worth the price or are they not really a bargain?

Rami Levy deals, news, and coupons

For this deal you have to have either the moadon card or credit card.  Expires 31 Aug 2014.

All Corny bars are 9.90 shekels- stock up now for school lunches…

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Opening 12 Aug 2014- Rami Levy in Petach Tikva!

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This is some seriously good chocolate.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you finish the box in one sitting…

New Superpharm coupons- expires 15 July 2014

There are lots of good deals at Superpharm this week- go to their web site to print them out.

and more!


Free sample of new Huggies Little Babies diapers

In conjunction with the introduction of their new line of diapers, Little Babies, Huggies is offering a free sample to all who register on their Facebook page or their web site.   On the web site you can get a sample of any type of diapers.

These diapers seem to be equivalent to the Little Snugglers diapers in the US.

Free sample of ecologic diapers

Some people would like to be more eco-friendly, but when it comes to diapers, the fear of leakage is just too great to take a chance.  The price of eco-friendly diapers can also drive some people away.

Lechatel bateviot ecologic diapers is giving away a sample to see if they can convince you how great their product is.

Go to their Facebook page, enter your name/address/email/phone number, and a sample package will be sent to you in the mail.


Chetzi Chinam titulim diappers coupon- expires 9 Aug 2013

‎שווה ביותר: לחברי הפייסבוק של חצי חינם, עד 9.8, קופון להדפסה של 2 חבילות טיטולים פרמיום ב 50. מימוש אחד ללקוח.‎

Huggies coupons- expires 31 Mar 2013

Not good at Shufersal Deal and Nu-pharm.

Pampers coupon- expires 30 Aug 2012

Click on Pamper’s Facebook page to print a 10 shekel off coupon for Pampers Premium Care diapers.

Mega Babysitter diapers coupon- expires 24 July 2012

Big Shufersal sale now until Wednesday, Mar 21!

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