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Comparison of internet prices


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Philadelphia cream cheese- one of a kind

No matter how hard they try, Israel does not have a replacement for cheam cheese.  “Gvinat shamenet” just doesn’t cut it.  Cheesecake here is a sorry affair, too wet and not nearly as firm as it should be.  Holy Bagel carries “gvinat shamenet” and “gvinat philadelphia”.  Once a year for Shavuot I suck it up and buy it- I don’t usually ask visitors to bring perishable items.

Yisrael HaYom confirmed today what we all knew- another outrageous price.  For a 226 grams package, you will pay:

     United States- 9.2 shekels

     England- 7.9 shekels

     Israel- 19 shekels

How much would YOU pay for Pringles?

I really like Pringles. All the flavors, all the time. Do I buy them here? Only when the kids deserve a special treat. For potato product, they are just too darn expensive, and there are perfectly acceptable alternative products here.

Yisrael HaYom checks out 180 grams containers of Pringles today.

United States- 6.6 shekels

England- 11.7 shekels

Israel- 11.3 shekels

Toothpaste costs HOW MUCH?!

One of the few things I require my American visitors to bring is toothpaste.  I cannot for the life of me understand why toothpaste cost so much here.  Once I run out of my stash, I know I will have to switch to the Israeli brands to save money, but so far that time hasn’t come.

Yisrael HaYom’s pictorial price comparison today is for a 100ml tube of Colgate Total toothpaste.

United States- 11 shekels

England- 13.5 shekels

Israel- 19 shekels

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