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Online shopping at Tzomet Sefarim

As you know, I am always looking for ways to save time and money, and online shopping is one of my favorites.  Did you know that there is an online Tzomet Sefarim store?  Yes, the web site is in Hebrew, but there are a lot of books in English as well.  If you spend 50 shekels, you get free shipping!

The English book deals right now include (click on the picture to see the books on sale):

For a complete list of English books, click here.

One deal you can only get in the stores right now is a free box of Cheerios when you by two children/youth books.

To be honest, you will get a much better English book selection (and free shipping) from The Book Depository but if your children read in Hebrew, it is worth it to check out the Hebrew books and you can always add on a 20 shekel book for yourself.

Tzomet Sefarim allows you to fax/email in your school book list and pick it up in your local store; I don’t know if they will be willing to mail them with free shipping- that would be a great deal!

How Israelis are beating the high cost of living

Did you catch the Times of Israel blog post by Kenny Sahr?

If not, I wanted to bring to your attention the three places he recommends for online shopping:

1. Deal Extreme– this is the mecca for cheap (I really mean cheap) non-name versions of all electronics and accessories.  If you don’t care if it is not a brand name, or is a copy of a brand name, and you want low prices with free shipping to Israel, check it out.  I am more of a high-quality long-lasting purchase kind of person, especially after my experience with defective $1 iPhone USB cables, but to each his own.  They are insanely popular among Israelis.

2. Book Depository– This site has a huge selection of English books and shipping is free to Israel.  The prices area few (i.e. 3-5) dollars more than Amazon, and they don’t have used books, but otherwise they have excellent quality and relatively fast shipping.  I love this site.

3. Alibaba– Another Chinese warehousing site- some of which ships free to Israel.  You can buy everything from rice to machinery to toys to clothing to furniture.  I don’t know what passes through customs and what doesn’t and according to Kenny not all items have free shipping to Israel.  I have never purchased anything here.

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