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Back to school special: aruchat eser stickers from Strauss

Strauss is offering free stickers with your child’s picture and cute sayings on them to put on your child’s lunch.  I got them last year as well and my youngest one liked it a lot.

Go to Strauss’s Facebook page and upload a photo.  The stickers will be mailed to your house.

Free gift from Rehovot mall

Go to Rehovot mall’s Facebook page and pick out one of three free gifts for the new school year.  Quantities limited- sign up now.

Free back-to-school stickers from Papaya shoes- expires 15 Aug 2013

Like Papaya’s Facebook page, send them your contact info and you will get a set of personalized stickers for up to three children.

You also have the option of joining their membership club at no charge.


Kravitz vs. Kfar Sha’ashuim- otherwise known as Yediot vs. Yisrael HaYom

As previously posted, for the third year running  Yisrael HaYom readers can enjoy significant coupons for Kravitz this month, although this year they expire much quicker and you cannot use gift cards/vouchers with the coupon.

This year Yediot has joined with Kfar Sha’ashuim to also offer coupons:

However, they specifically say you cannot print out the coupons- you must have the originals from the newspaper.

There will be coupons posted daily.

Back to school sales at Chetzi Chinam- expires 2 Sept 2012

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