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Printable Super Pharm coupons!

Go to this web site and print out coupons for a wide variety of items at Super Pharm.

The fine print is so fine I can’t read it to you, but I think they expire 30/9/2011.  It says that you can print the page only once.

Sales include: Telma mixflakes for 9.99, 1+1 on McCormick spices, Primor 1 liter juice for 4.99, Olivia sauces for 7.99, Huggies for 11.99, 1+1 on Gerber baby food jars, Life paper towels for 7.99, Aquafresh 100ml toothpaste for 7.99, and 30% off Solgar vitamins.

By the way, if you are a doctor (I don’t know re: PhD), you can apply for Super Pharm card which gives you 10% off all regularly-priced purchases.  Apply in the store.


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