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What is in the eggs you eat?

It seems that the Israeli media can’t get enough of exposes lately, especially in the food department.

This week it is Channel 2  who is talking about food.  Yesterday they did an expose on surprisingly unpleasant things that end up in your eggs- carcinogenic cleaning products, antibiotics meant for broiler chickens (“petem”), and more.

You can watch the video here.(Hebrew)

For those who didn’t understand the Hebrew, here are some of the things they found:

  • piles of poultry “litter” (waste) so high they reach the eggs
  • dispensing of forbidden antibiotics to poultry owners without a prescription by a veterinarian
  • dispensing of a sanitiser by a veterinarian that is forbidden to be used in, on or near animals because it is carcinogenic
  • discrepancy in withdrawal times for antibiotics between Israel and other countries (withdrawal times are the time an animal has to wait before it can be slaughtered so there will be no residue in the food- a shorter time means more residues)
  • violations of antibiotic residue in poultry and eggs
  • the mounds of poultry litter described above are fed to cattle- something that is permitted in the US but not in Europe [note: it is not fed to animals that are part of the direct food chain].
  • These practices are known to Misrad HaHaklaut but nothing has been done to stop it, despite complaints from veterinarians.

Misrad HaHaklaut’s response?  “This is a very serious issue and will be dealt with.  We have new guidance documents that address this issue and will increase the level of supervision in these areas.  Poultry litter is treated to destroy pathogens before being fed to cattle.”

How do you feel about this article? If you have something to say to Misrad HaHaklaut on this matter, you can write to them here.  Don’t be afraid to write in English.  If you are really angry (or you don’t think you will get a proper response from Misrad HaHaklaut), you can write to the Ombudsman- Mevaker HaMedina and they will follow through with your complaint.  You can write to them in English here or in Hebrew here.  These forms are for all complaints, by the way.


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