couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Pesach deals at Rami Levy- ENDS TODAY 9 Feb 2015

I finally got my Rami Levy credit card in the mail this week with some pretty awesome coupons so I decided to break it in and  do some Purim shopping.  These are the coupons I received- how about you?


While I was in the store, I did notice some attractive products for Purim (8 Elite chocolate bars for 32 shekels for example), what really got me excited was their sales on KLP products.

For example:





This product wasn’t on sale but I had a coupon for it from Rami Levy:


This wasn’t on sale either but I noticed it already had a KLP label:


This also wasn’t on sale but it reminds me to make an important point- if you are shopping for Pesach, make sure each product has KLP certification on it!  You don’t wan’t to put away a product for no reason.


All of these products have no kitniyot.

So if you have some free time today, go to Rami Levy and get your Pesach shopping started!


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