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2 RECALLS: “HaTikvah” and “Yisragal” fish products

The pathogenic bacteria Listeria monocytogenes has been found in the fish products of two companies with factories in the Ashkelon district- “HaTikvah Smoked Fish” and “Yisragal Meterman”.  The specific products include:


  1. Fillet Matias in Oil- 480 grams (380 grams drained weight)- expiration dates 6 April 2015 and 9 April 2015
  2. Palamida in Oil- 480 grams (380 grams drained weight)- expiration date 9 April 2015


  1. Herring Fillet- manufacturing date 18 Jan 2015, expiration date 5 March 2015

If you have purchased any of these products, do not consume them.  Bring them back to the place you purchased them to receive a refund.  Both of these companies are removing these products from the shelves.

Listeriosis, a serious infection usually caused by eating food contaminated with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, is an important public health problem. The disease primarily affects older adults, pregnant women, newborns, and adults with weakened immune systems. However, rarely, persons without these risk factors can also be affected. The risk may be reduced by recommendations for safe food preparation, consumption, and storage.  For more information, go to the CDC web site.

Source: Misrad HaBriut- HaTikva and Yisragal


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