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If you saw a food product that is suspicious for whatever reason or if you would like to know if a food manufacturer or caterer has a manufacturers’ license from Misrad Habriut, click on this link to look up the manufacturer.  You can also find out what products they are licensed to manufacture.

Some examples:

  • Osher Ad in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem has a license as a butcher (אטליז).  That means that they are allowed to package ground beef without a customer present. (A butcher without a manufacturers’ license can only grind meat in front of the customer)
  • Meatland in Raanana has a license to manufacture refrigerated and frozen prepared foods and frozen dough to be sold on the premises only.
  • Kibbutz Shalavim’s kitchen has a license to manufacture prepared foods to be sold off the premises (e.g. a catering hall).

What does it mean if the food business you are looking up is not on the list?  First of all, you should know that restaurants, supermarkets, and food stands do not get a manufacturers’ license from Misrad HaBriut- they get a business licence from the municipality they are located in.  If you still think the business should be on the list and is not, contact your district health office through the link on the page or the central line at *5400.

Another important point to make is that caterers that provide food to educational institutions must have a manufacturers license.  Find out who caters the hot meals in your child’s school/gan/tzaharon and make sure they have an up to date license.   The requirement is not applicable for private educational facilities and food that is not brought into the school by the school (e.g. vaad horim), but is a minimum standard that you should insist upon.  The section that applies to catering is titled “מזון מוכן להגשה מחוץ למקום הכנתו – הסעדה (קייטרינג) כריכים”.


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