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Immediate closure of Eidah Charedit slaughterhouse “Delicious”

The Jerusalem municipality issued an immediate closure notice (“צו סגירה”) to the poultry slaughterhouse “Delicious”, citing severe hygiene deficiencies leading to an immediate danger to public health.

The slaughterhouse, which is situated in the Atarot industrial area, is owned by “Glatt Of” and is under Eidah Charedit Badatz hashgacha.  Despite its highest kashrut standards, it did not abide by basic hygienic standards and has been operating without a business or manufacturing license.  Some of the deficiencies cited in the closure request included difficulty keeping poultry at the proper refrigerated temperature and environmental pollution which may lead to groundwater contamination.

Veterinary inspectors will be at the slaughterhouse Sunday to ensure that the closure notice is implemented.

Source: Kikar Shabbat and Bhol

**I would like to emphasize that Glatt Of owns two slaughterhouses, a factory that makes poultry products and a factory that makes fish products.  The only place that is being closed down is the slaughterhouse on Hatotseret 19, Atarot.  This closure notice does NOT imply that there are any hygienic or licensing issues with the other facilities owned by Glatt Of.


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