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Goodbye Burger Ranch, Hello Burger King

Some of you might remember that Burger King used to have a prominent place in Israel’s fast food economy but then suddenly disappeared.  Burger Ranch, however, has been an institution for many a year and is the focus of my occasional nostalgic daydreams.  It might surprise you to know that Burger Ranch and Burger King were both owned by the same people- brothers Eli and Yuval Orgard.  When they purchased Burger Ranch in 2008 for 25 million shekels, they already owned Burger King and debated whether it was advisable to own two burger chains.  In 2010 they decided to shut down Burger King altogether.

Now in 2014 the Orgad brothers have decided to sell their 50 Burger Ranch chains and have them all converted to Burger Kings for 50 million shekels.  The new owners are a partnership of several businessmen such as Asaf Greenberg who owns the Frangelico restaurant chain and Rani Tzim who formerly owned Kimat Chinam and currently is an owner of Retail 3000, which owns Office Depot and Kfar Shaashuim.

What is your opinion?  Are you ready to see the demise of Burger Ranch?  Do you think Burger King can survive this time around?  I personally am much happier seeing my “Jewish McDonalds” in Israel. You can leave the American chains on the other side of the ocean.

Source: Yisrael HaYom

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One thought on “Goodbye Burger Ranch, Hello Burger King

  1. joshinariel on said:

    BAD! Burger Ranch is better than Burger King. More meat, better offerings, and tastier. Burger King closed because it was not as good.

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