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Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Black Friday deals at Klei Bayit 28 Nov 2014

If you missed out on the big Chinese Singles Day shopping event 11/11/2014 never fear- you will have another chance on Black Friday- 28 Nov 2014.  I will post deals as I see them.

The household goods store Klei Bayit will be having a sale- no details on what exactly the deals will be but there are enticing pictures up already.  I have purchased from them before- I priced out Sistema food containers and they came out the cheapest in Israel that I could find (including shipping).  Their service was quick and efficient.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find items on their site, so I recommend looking by brand name.  This is not a rock-bottom-at all-cost store- if you are looking for cheap products, I recommend the shuk. This store has quality, mostly European brands at excellent prices.

מבצע 2014 Black Friday בכלי בית


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2 thoughts on “Black Friday deals at Klei Bayit 28 Nov 2014

  1. michael on said:

    are there any other black friday/cyber monday pre-chanakuh sales in israel?

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