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New page- coupon sources

On my blog page you can now find a list of links to coupon sources that I collect coupons from.  Feel free to peruse or grab up a coupon before me- just drop me a line that there are new coupons up so I can share with the rest of the readers 🙂

The page is still under construction.  I will be adding more sources as I find them.

Feel free to send in your own source as well!


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2 thoughts on “New page- coupon sources

  1. Linda Maslin on said:

    I am new to your blog and not so techi as some people! When you put on coupons do I have to print them off to take to super or is there another way of doing


    • Welcome Linda! The first thing you need to do is see if the coupon is valid in the store you shop at. Some are valid online and therefore you don’t have to print them. Some stores allow you to show the coupon on your smartphone instead of printing them out. Some coupons say you have to print them out and give them in when you purchase the item. Sometimes the rules vary by each individual store or cashier so if you have a problem, don’t give up- go to the customer service center and ask for clarification. If yoi have any problems with a specific coupon, let me know.

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