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Celiac-friendly foods to come under price regulation?

The Minister of Health Yael German has proposed to include gluten free foods in the basket of price-controlled foods.  “We are speaking of a relatively large population, and the food that they are required to eat carries a high price”, she said.  While waiting for the Finance Minister Yair Lapid’s response, she has created an inter-ministerial committee to discuss other options to support people with celiac disease.   Some of the options include direct financial assistance to those suffering from celiac disease or subsidizing gluten-free products.

Last week approximately 500 people protested outside the government meeting to require prices to be lowered for gluten-free products.

Not everyone is happy with Yael German’s proposal.  Some are afraid that if gluten-free products become price controlled, there won’t be any incentive for manufacturers to produce gluten-free foods and there will be much less of a variety or those that are made will be of lower quality.  They feel that providing financial assistance directly to those with the disease is a better option.

What do you think?  Will gluten-free factories shut down if they can’t earn a huge profit or is it an idle threat?

Celiac families- what would help you more- money in your pocket or cheaper food?

If you have an idea that would ease the financial burden for those with celiac disease, contact Misrad HaBriut with your idea.  The committee is headed by Professor Itamar Grotto.  Leave a message with the moked with his name and your idea.  Go to the Misrad HaBriut web site for information how to contact the moked. (English)

Source: Yisrael HaYom

יוזמה: פיקוח על מוצרים ללא גלוטן


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