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Dishwashing liquid Part 2: Behind the scenes

In response to my previous post about dishwashing liquid, I received a message from a reader who was also a a former employee of P&G.  He has graciously shared his insight with us.

“There are a few things that companies may use to trick people a bit when buying dish washing liquid.

First, all the companies here know that many Israelis check the active ingredient concentration level, so there is a desire to keep it as high as possible. But…the regulator only lets you put the active ingredient in multiples of four. So if you are just under 30%, for example, you are only allowed to mark 24%. The last time I checked Fairy a few years ago it was around 28% I think – in any event it was the highest in the market.

Another important factor is what is actually the active ingredient. At one point Shufersal’s own brand was offering a 36% concentration but the active ingredient offered a significantly weaker performance than that in Fairy.

Fairy’s company needs Fairy to be the best performing product on the market – this is the marketing strategy. So then the only question is whether or not it is worth paying a bit more for it. Based on all the R&D tests we did and also my own use, it definitely is – you do not need to use very much of it compared to the other products so it really does last around 150-200% longer than Palmolive and even more than own brand stuff.

I left the company to be a student but despite my limited funds still buy Fairy as I believe it is an economy. I promise that I have no current interest in the product beyond being a big fan!”

What do you think?  Any other Fairy fans out there?


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4 thoughts on “Dishwashing liquid Part 2: Behind the scenes

  1. RebaRivka on said:

    Yes. Another fan. This information is correct. I washed up from shabat -12 people eating – pots, pans, the lot – using a sponge and 2 small squirts of liquid. (And everything was squeaky clean!). The economy is in using very little! I have not yet found anything to compare for efficiency. I prefer to use an ecological product even thought I know I have to use a much greater quantity to get similar results.

  2. Debbie on said:

    Yes. We always buy Fairy and are very happy with it.

  3. Nahum Litwin on said:

    Who do you trust more? P&G or Shufersal? Oh, wait, maybe, readers should note that Shufersal’s executives went to prison for trade practices. See:

  4. at the shaarei ezra supermarket in Jerusalem (or whatever the name is nowadays, used to be Grinberg, on Yirmiyahu street between Center 1 and Tnuva z”l) you can get 36% liquid in a 4 liter container. Very cheap and I swear by it.

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