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How to buy dish washing liquid

I was unexpectedly able to leave work early recently and decided to go grocery shopping while it was quiet.  As I was looking at an interesting container of dish washing liquid, an elderly woman asked me what percent of the active ingredient (חומר פעיל) was in the product I was looking at.  I said that I didn’t know if there was a percentage, but then I found it.  I told her is was 18% and she said “See? It is like buying water.  Most people don’t know to check the active ingredient but it is very important.”  I nodded to her and with that she walked away.  Of course, this was a new concept to me so I started checking labels:



As you can see, the Palmolive and Palmolive Ultra brand both have only 18% active ingredient, whereas the Shufersal and Fairy brands have 24%.  Now I understand why some products are cheaper than others, and I appreciate the Shufersal generic even more.  I have yet to check other products such as floor cleaner, etc. to see if it is also listed- if you see it, let me know!



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