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Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Azrielli Outlet mall sale- expires 30 Nov 2014

Did you know that the Azrielli mall in Herzliya is an outlet mall?  Some of the deals you can find there now include:

Hoodies- all “odafim” are 9-49 shekels, 30% off the new collection

FOX- all items 9.90-49.90 shekels

Renuar and Twentyfourseven- 80 shekels per item

Mishmish- T shirts and polos for 19.90 shekels, 3 pairs of pants for 50 shekels

Ricochet- 40% off the store

Teva Naot- children’s shoes are 1+1

Castro- Jeans for 159 shekels, dresses for 49.90 shekels

and much more!  For more details go to their web site.  The mall is open on Shabbat.

There is another Azrielli outlet mall in Or Yehuda but they don’t have any sales posted.

קניון אאוטלט עזריאלי הרצליה



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