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Travel tips: getting foreign currency

Sukkot is the time that most Israelis travel- abroad, in Israel or wherever- especially after this past summer when most of us were cooped up and afraid to venture out.  The next few posts are dedicated to travelling frugally from an Israeli perspective.

This first tip comes from Yediot Ahronot- what is the cheapest way to get 100 dollars or 100 Euro in Israel?  The most expensive, as you might guess, was the Duty Free ATM in the airport.  The cheapest: Bank Leumi ATMs.


The price is valid for customers of all banks.  There is no service charge for using the machine.

If you like, you can check the actual amount Bank Leumi is paying out on their web site.  To find a branch with a foreign currency ATM, click here.

מהיום הכי משתלם לקנות מט''ח בכספומט של לאומי


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