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Rami Levy wins again!

Two surveys just came out showcasing Rami Levy.  Channel 10 went searching throughout the country for the cheapest supermarket for your holiday purchases.  They found the Rami Levy store in Nesher to have the best prices.  Israelis, however, weren’t convinced; see for yourself here.

In addition, Yediot Achronot published the results of their customer survey which concluded that Rami Levy was “the national supermarket chain chosen to be the least expensive and have the best customer service.”

Not only that but Rami Levy is putting on a show for chayalim on 18 September 2014 with all of the most popular singers for only 19.90 shekels per ticket- food and drink included!


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2 thoughts on “Rami Levy wins again!

  1. Thank you so much for all this wonderful information in English! I will be making Aliyah in the not too distant future and knowing that there is a site such as your, that lets me know about the new Cosc-like store opening, makes the move to Eretz that much easier!!!

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