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Kosher turkey bacon has come to Israel!

Turkey bacon, the healthy alternative to pork bacon in chul, has arrived in Israel and is now kosher!  It has no artificial colors, no trans fat, no MSG and is gluten free.   Fry it for a few minutes and it is ready to eat.  You can find Of Tov turkey bacon in Shufersal and Mega (currently out of stock) supermarkets.  For a 5 shekel coupon, go to Of Tov’s Facebook page.  The current price is 13.80 shekels according to My Supermarket.

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2 thoughts on “Kosher turkey bacon has come to Israel!

  1. helenoster177 on said:

    Wasn’t it Of Tov schnitzels that were reported to have worms in, recently?

    • Yes, there was a complaint filed on Facebook by someone who videoed live worms crawling in an Of Tov schnitzel that she microwaved. You can see the Facebook post here and an article about it here. I did not post about it because I am not convinced that the worms were deposited on her schnitzel in the factory. Based on the video, I think that the product was left out for a few hours which flies to deposit worms on the schnitzel by flies. The person did not file a complaint with the Ministry of Health and there was no recall associated with the complaint which there would have been if there was a parasite infestation in that product.

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