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New class action suit against imitation canola oil

Joshua Frankel is an ordinary citizen who got curious one day.  He prefers to buy canola oil because of its healthy attributes and is used to paying a hefty price for it.  One day, however, he noticed a dramatic decrease in the price – almost too good to be true.  So he decided to send some of the cheap canola oil to the Israeli Standards Institute laboratory for analysis.  They found that these oils are not in accordance with the Israeli Standard 216 for vegetable oils.  Exactly what oil they are the laboratory couldn’t answer.

So Joshua Frankel formed a class action suit against the four companies whose oil he tested: Sun Oil, Antuan, Shell-Bar, and Or Paz.  These companies produce “canola” oil under the brands “Sun Oil”, “Ophir”, and “Gold”.  Sales of fake canola oil totaled 2 million bottles in 2014.

There was no response from Misrad HaBriut printed in the original article (below).  According to the manufacturers, they both have current licenses and their products have been tested previously and found to be in accordance with the standard for canola oil.



Source: Globes


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One thought on “New class action suit against imitation canola oil

  1. josh on said:

    Interesting. I thought these new brands were so cheap because they were imported from England, Germany, Ukraine, and other places. I was more interested in supporting the local brand, even if it was more expensive and they had bumped up the prices over the past year, but i guess they realized that increasing profits was second to survival (many stores stopped carrying it entirely) and the price came back down.

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