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Good news for displaced Israelis- Tnuva cottage cheese to be sold in the US

For those of you have tasted both American and Israeli cottage cheese, you know that there is no comparison.  Americans, on their eternal quest to lower dietary fat, makes a relatively dry and tasteless cottage cheese. Israeli cottage cheese contains up to 9% fat.  It is smoother, creamier and the one product that displaced Israelis say they miss the most.

Tnuva has been unable to export cottage cheese to the US because it has a 14-day shelf life- not enough time to get to the US and stay on the shelf for a reasonable period of time.  They decided to change tactics and have it produced in the US.  Consumers can expect to see it on the shelves in the first half of 2015.  Don’t look for the Tnuva name, however- they have decided to use a name that will assimilate better into the general American market.

Cottage cheese earns Tnuva 300 million shekels a year in Israel.  After all the price wars regarding cottage cheese in 2011, I have to wonder whether Tnuva cottage cheese will be cheaper in Israel or in America????

While I am glad that another Israeli company will be expanding its global share, I hope this won’t become a reason to stay in America!!  Maybe we will need a new slogan: “Make aliyah and eat cottage cheese straight from the source.”

Source: Arutz Sheva


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